Year R – Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Puffins, Parrots and Penguins!

Hello children, are you feeling fantastic today? Thank you for sending us all the lovely photos of your crown designs yesterday, they were amazing and fit for any king or queen!

Don’t forget to try a little bit of reading everyday.  Use the Oxford Owl and Big Cat sites to find some fabulous reading books to try.

Today, we are going to learn a little more about castles using a book which Mrs Hearn is going to read to you. You’ll be an expert on castles by the end of the week!

Have a lovely day,

Year R Team 


Just to clarify after the Newsletter yesterday, as you are using Tapestry to regularly update us on your children’s home learning there is no need to use the Year R email address to send any work or updates.  The email address ( can, of course, still be used for sending in your queries or requests for help etc. 

blankThis week we go up, up and away to explore… Castlesblank

English – Castle questions

Listen to Mrs Hearn reading today’s book, ‘In the Castle’.

Now look at the pages below and work with your grown up to answer the questions. 

  • Why is the boy using a wooden horse and a wooden sword to practise with?
  • Can you remember some of the things a knight does?
  • What do you think a “heroic quest” is?

Next, look closely at these castle non-fiction pages and ask your grown up to read the labels and captions. Now answer these questions.

  • What is a moat for?
  • What is the difference between a portcullis and a drawbridge?
  • Tell your grown up three things that a knight might do to attack a castle.

Maths – Numberblock 13


Yesterday you helped Numberblock 13 become ‘unstuck’. Today we are going to be investigating different ways to make number 13 using a part-part whole model.

First find 13 objects from around your house, pop them into a 20 frame to check that you have the correct amount.


Now investigate how many different ways can you make number 13 by placing your 13 objects into a part-part whole. 

You could download a part part whole model here or you could make your own using plates at home.

Remember to use phrases like  “13 is the whole, 9 is the part and 4 is the part” to really impress your grown up!

If you would like an extra challenge, try writing a number sentence to match your part-part whole 9 + 4 = 13.

Let’s help Numberblock 13 be a little less unlucky!


Design a coat of arms


Today we are going to design a coat of arms. We saw a knight with a coat of arms on his shield in Mrs Hearn’s book today.

Have a look at the information page below about coats of arms and look at the different colours, designs and symbols often used.

Now can you have a go at designing your own?

Here are some different shaped templates for you to choose from from, or you can ask your grown up to draw one of the shapes on a piece of paper for you click here.


Video Resources

Today, Mrs Hearn is reading a book called “In the Castle”.

[passster password=”StMarksYoutube*”]


Helpful Reminders

Don’t forget you can email us on We would love to hear from you if you have a question, need a password or need some help.

You can continue to use Tapestry to share your child’s work. Please only upload one post a day. You can either choose one activity or put all the activities you complete on one post.

We look forward to hearing from you. We may not reply the same day!


The children in Year R are very rarely asked to work independently, particularly when writing. It is expected that they will need adult support to get started on all of the tasks we set for them here, and continue to need it throughout their activity. 

However, we want to continue to build their independence, so encourage them to use resources which can help them be independent like sound cards, letter formation cards for handwriting etc. 


Note for parents: Hopefully your children will enjoy working through these activities with you. We completely understand it may be difficult to complete all these tasks due to other family commitments or you are working from home, so please do not worry; complete what you can with your child.

There is absolutely no expectation that you get all, if any of these activities completed each day. 

Time Fillers…

You can find lots of learning resources that we have collated on the Educating Home Page.  Click here to be redirected.

Bye for now!