Welcome to Year 3

We have had a great start to Year 3 and the children have settled quickly into their new classrooms. On Monday, we started the day with a letter from Mr Blake. During the holidays he had discovered a possible site that would be of interest to archaeologists, so asked if we could help him and become archaeologists. We started by learning all about our new role and then headed to the site to complete our dig. We had to be very careful as the artefacts we found looked extremely old. Once we were back in the classroom, we examined what we had found and then decided to send away the items to the lab at the official Forensic Archaeological Society.



On Wednesday, we received a thank you letter and they confirmed the artefacts we found were very old, and were from the year 5432BCE. We then completed an activity to make a timeline (Using a toilet roll) to help us understand just how long ago the Stone Age was.

The children will be bringing home a copy of our Knowledge Organiser for this half term. Our project is called ‘Dig and Discover’ and will be History led. We have also attached our topic web for you to see what your child will be learning this half term.

Knowledge Organiser – Dig and Discover
Dig and Discover topic web

A couple of notes:

  • Homework will be set on google classroom in your child’s class
  • Isolating work can be found in the Year 3 isolating classroom – please note we will get this online as soon we are aware of your circumstances
  • Children have been issued with their reading books – we have use of the main library on Tuesday’s and Year 3/4 library on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • PE starts next week and is Friday – the children will come to school in PE kit
  • Don’t forget that your child can bring fruit for playtimes, please be aware that they only have 15 minutes for morning play so, one piece of fruit is more than enough

If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on year3@stmarksce.org.uk

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Boyle, Mrs Spiers, Miss Crow and Miss Tamblyn