Year 3 – Final week

Welcome to the final week of Year 3. The children have been thoroughly enjoying our history project, where they have been learning about the events of the Titanic. They have looked into the Titanic’s journey, the possible reasons the Titanic sank and at the different classes of passengers on board and the facilities provided.

Our big question for this project is: Is segregation ever a good thing?

In order to answer this question we will be having an experience day, where the children will take on the roles of first, second and third class passengers. This experience day will take place on Tuesday. Please look carefully at the list below to help prepare the children for this experience:

  • Year 3 children can come to school in non-uniform if they would like. Girls can wear dresses and boys smart t-shirt or shirt with shorts or trousers. NO sports-wear please. We want them to imagine they are boarding the Titanic.  You do not need to buy any special clothes! Just what you already have in wardrobes. 
  • On arrival Tuesday morning the children will randomly choose a ticket to come aboard. These may be first, second or third class – we will be ensuring the children enjoy the class they are given but obviously there will be differences between the activities for the day in order for the children to experience our ‘big question’.
  • Throughout the morning we will take part in some activities but the three classes will have different resources to complete the task.
  • Please reassure any children who may be a little concerned that we will not be acting out the night of April 15th 1912. This is more about understanding the classes aboard and thinking about segregation.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Year 3 Team