SATs Week in Year 6

We are so proud of everything our Year 6 children have achieved over the course of the year. They have worked with determination and no matter what these tests may bring, we know they are all amazing!

From Monday 9th until Thursday 12th of May, the Year 6 children will sit their formal assessments. Some children will be excited. Some children will be nervous. Some will be a mixture of emotions. All are perfectly normal. Please encourage your child to just do their best each day and tell them that the results are such a small part of who they are.
To help children have some chatter time with friends before the tests each day, the Year 6 children may come to school a little earlier to relax and share some fruit or breakfast bars. They may enter via the Year 6 gate anytime from 8:15am to 8:30am to chat and have an early morning snack (it will not be a full breakfast so if your child has a hearty morning appetite, it is best to have their normal breakfast at home and a top-up at school). 
This early start time of 8:15am only applies to Year 6 so we apologise if this causes issues with younger siblings but children from lower year groups will only be able to enter school at the usual time of 8:30am as we have no capacity for their supervision prior to this.
This earlier arrival is completely optional and is a way to make them feel a little special. If your child cannot or doesn't want to arrive early that is absolutely fine. However, all Year 6 children must be in school by 8:40am for the duration of the tests to give us time to get everyone organised and in the correct place for us to begin the tests on time.
If there are messages we need to know about for the day of each test, please let the office know as we may not have time to check the Year 6 gmail account each morning. Days are particularly busy in school and we do not always have the ability to read urgent messages. For non-urgent messages and questions, please continue to contact us via the gmail account.
To remind you of the tests your children will be sitting each day:
Monday – Spelling, punctuation and grammar test.
Tuesday – Reading test
Wednesday – Arithmetic and Maths Reasoning
Thursday – Maths Reasoning
We hope the children all have a calm and relaxing weekend. 
Thank you so much for all the support you continue to give your children and St Mark's. We are a very lucky school to have such wonderfully supportive families.
The Year 6 Team