26 April 2024 – Newsletter

A note from Mr Applegate

Summer term is definitely well on the way, even if the weather isn’t quite there. From Year 6 pupils working hard for their SATs, to our Year 1 pupils loving Forest School, all children continue to make us proud.

Look out for an email regarding your child’s sports day colour. We ask that they wear a t-shirt of this colour (or as close to it as you can). Details about sports day are below.

Thank you to…

  • Everyone who donated clothes for Bags2School today. 766 kilos gave us £306.40!
  • The 10 volunteers from Virgin Media who helped with various site improvements on Monday
  • The Estlea family for donating football goals (arriving soon)
  • The Healey family for kinex
  • The Hunter family for a big box of lego.
  • A legacy gift of £1000, given by a lovely St Mark’s family, to go directly to The Mud House Children’s Foundation.

Have a great weekend. Mr Applegate :)

Look after our animals!

We need your help!

Check out the Times Tables progress!

Well done Jess in year 4! Your hard work in learning your timestables has really paid off. We are all proud of you :)

Measles and whooping cough

Please see a letter from the Director of Public Health here.

Agents of Change – Send in your nominations

blankIf you feel your child has done something that bit extra special that has made our world a better place, please let us know. Simply email the office or your child’s year group email.

Sports Day!

… is on Friday 24th May. Save the date…

  • KS2 parents are invited to watch in the morning until lunch
  • All parents are invited to join children in a picnic lunch
  • KS1 parents are invited to watch in the afternoon
  • Children are in a team colour group – an email has been sent out today about this.
  • More details to follow!

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Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 96.0%. Oh no :(

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Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams is an English composer. This famous piece was composed in 1914 during the Modern era. It was inspired by a poem of the same name by George Meredith.

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