What a super EXPLOSIVE half term we have had in Year 4!

The children have fully immersed themselves into our Quivers, Quakes, Eruptions and Shakes project where they showed all their understanding on a recent piece of work. We were amazed at how much they could remember! 

We have been complimented on how polite, organised and friendly the children have been during this terms swimming lessons. It is lovely to recieve compliments from outside of school so a huge well done! 

We loved linking out art work to this unit and producing these wonderful Art pieces. We were inspired by an artist called Katsushika Hokusai who painted 36 different views of Mount Fuji. 

Retrival time! 
Use these questions to test your child’s knowledge of our recent project. 

1. Can you name the four different types of volocanos? 
2. Which is the most Dangerous volcano? 
3. What is a tectonic plate? 
4. True or False – Earthquakes are caused by tectonic movement. Edges stick. Pressure builds and then releases which makes the earthquake. 
5. What is layer 3? 
6. What are the benefits of living by a volcano? 
7. Will you find magma inside or outside a volcano? 
8. If a volcano hasn’t Erupted in 10.000 years, what will it be classed as? 



With our upcoming Govenment Times Table test, we would like to see the children continuing to play TTRock Stars for a minimum of 10 minutes per day over half term! 

We have set daily competitions between the girls and boys in each class. 
Monday’s winners were: 4SB Girls, 4PR boys and 4C boys! 

There will be prizes for the children we see accessing TTRock Stars Daily!

Some children have brought home 56 fact cards too – these re what the children are using in school to support their TT knowledge. Please do use these to help the children with quick recall. 

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