Young Carers Friday 27 March

Update for Young Carers… The Good, the bad and the (bet it isn’t) ugly 😉.

The good: Ms Stonehouse and I have managed to configure a way of having a conference call together, tested it and all seems good. It’s better than Zoom, but we need special permission, and to email everyone an invite in real time. So adults – be ready 😊.

The bad: We can’t use it until next week. There are some problems with essential permissions that need to be ironed out by the powers that be. Sorry folks!

The (bet it isn’t) ugly 😉: Whilst not being able to conference call together, we thought we could jump on the Rainbow bandwagon. I suspect some of you have already made something, but I just received one through my door and I have to say I smiled like a Cheshire cat! Maybe you could make a rainbow picture for a neighbour (washing hands before and after), your room or even a scrapbook? Take a pic and post it on to your Year Group, put it on the home learning page for St Mark’s on FaceBook (which I scour to see what you’re all up to – if you were looking too, I put one up of me doing my own homework) or show us when we meet up on line next week (fingers crossed!).

Please remember we are thinking of you a lot and are looking forward to a chat asap.

Mrs Bennett

Young Carers Message – 20.3.20

Hello Young Carers,

As we can’t see each other at school, I thought I’d send you a message online.

This week, we were supposed to create our own smoothies. I understand not all of us will have a great deal of fresh fruit etc. at home. If you can make one, then post your recipe back to us and possibly a photo; otherwise maybe invent one you’ll try when you next get the opportunity? Nothing too unusual please because if I like the recipe I might try it and let you know how yummy it is! Be creative ???? I’ve got some bananas that are a little too under-ripe at the moment, but as soon as they’re yellow enough one’s being blitzed with strawberries from the freezer and apple juice and maybe a surprise – just not sure what that could be yet. OR… banana, peanut butter (as we’re not in school), maple syrup and some milk… Oh decisions!?!

How are we all coping with everything going on – last Friday seems a world away now  I’m sure you’re missing everyone too. I’m working with Mrs Long to see if it is possible for us to meet as a group using a safe online platform and will let you know as soon as I can.   

In the meantime, know that you’re very much in mind! Keep yourselves and loved ones safe and well. I’m aiming to post weekly so keep your eyes peeled. 

Send your email to your year group teachers and we will get to see your fabulous work!

Mrs Bennett and Miss Stonehouse 

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