Winchester Cathedral Leavers’ Service

What a spectacular day we had at Winchester cathedral last week for the Church Schools’ Leavers’ Service.

When we arrived, many children were awestruck by the mere size of the cathedral and were keen to start exploring this historical venue. After we were welcomed, the children split off into groups and completed two tasks over the morning period such as creating mosaics, a photo trail or even making a bishop’s hat. The children thoroughly enjoyed using their creativity whilst also learning about the history of the cathedral.


Following lunch, which we had on the beautiful green outside the Cathedral, we assembled back into the Cathedral to await the Leavers’ Service. The service consisted of meaningful hymns, stories from the Bible and also prayers, which were confidently read by our Year 6 pupils – Molly, Luke and Emily. We also paraded our school banner and collected a special candle which was a gift to us from the Cathedral.


Each year there is a theme – this year we were looking at everyday heroes. The Cathedral asked us to design and make a chair which represented a hero to bring with us on the day of our service. It was wonderful to see the different media which was used and the creativity in ideas as their chairs were all so varied! When we designed our chair, we considered jobs which represented everyday heroes and what makes a job heroic. Many children thought of teachers, nurses, policemen and firemen however, the majority of children wanted to base their design around a veteran theme as this also linked with the centenary of WW1. We combined ideas from different designs and the children contributed towards making each and every part. A large group of children made over 100 poppies of different sizes, other children decorated allies’ flags with significant typography words whilst others helped to make replica war medals. We are very proud of our collaborative chair and it turned many heads at the Cathedral! We should have it back in school in a couple of weeks so please come and take a look.



A wonderful day had by all! What a lovely service and we look forward to our own Leavers’ Service at school near the end of term which parents are invited to.

Many thanks,

Year 6 Team


Year 2 have been busy…….

How busy Year 2 have been! The children have worked really hard and we are proud of their achievements and resilience they have shown.

We have been enjoying Tag Rugby run by Coach Fletcher this half term. We have been very impressed with their team work throughout our sessions.

In computing we have enjoyed creating PowerPoint presentations and making information leaflets about nocturnal animals. We used our research in English and from our homework to produce these leaflets. We also had fun on  and enjoyed a challenge as we played against each other. Please remember this is available to play at home. All the login details are in the children’s green reading logs. This helps the children to learn their times tables and increase their speed.

In Art we designed a tile to use for printing. We started by drawing our picture into a polystyrene tile and carefully etching this into the tile. We then had to ink up our tile and start printing. We repeated the process to create our wonderful work.

Thank you to those who have returned their forms for our school trip. If you haven’t returned these yet, please do so by Friday.  We will let parent helpers know details for our trip by the end of next week.        

Enjoy a sunny weekend
Year 2 Team

Year 2 – Welcome Back

What a super first week back! We would like to start by saying a big thank you for all the children’s homework. They enjoyed sharing facts about the different animals they had researched. We have displayed their super work and look forward to learning more about ‘Nocturnal Animals’ through our English work.

This week in Maths we have been using inverse calculations to check our answers and also help us to find missing numbers.


We also started on our D&T puppet project. The first part of the design process is to learn  some skills needed to make our puppets. We completed a running stitch to decorate a book mark. This skill will then be used to attach the fabric of our puppets. 2S enjoyed sewing in the shade of the gazebo.

We are looking forward to continuing with our pirate adventure writing in English next week with a special morning. Watch this space for Year 2’s adventures aboard ‘Ye Old Jolly Roger’ …………..


Year 2 Team


Happy Easter!

Inter-class Challenge

We’ve had a busy but wonderful term learning all about the Mayans. For our end of term inter-class challenge, we replicated a Mayan sport Pok-a-tok. In this game, two teams would battle it out in a stone courtyard. The aim of the game was to hit a heavy rubber ball through a stone hoop however they were only allowed to use their elbows, knees and hips! The losing team would be facing more than disappointment as they would be next in line for sacrifice! Needless to say, we didn’t quite go to this extreme in school! In our version, the children had to choose which part of their body they wanted to use and then select whether they were going to aim through a large or small hoop with the small hoop being worth more points. The whole year group watched in anticipation as participants made their way to the middle of the ‘courtyard’ to try and gain points for their class. We had lots of fun and it was a close competition; the winner will be announced the first week back after Easter!


We’ve been privileged this term to have the expertise of Coach Fletcher helping the children to improve on a range of rugby skills. Last week, the children’s focus was thinking about their formation in order to provide a good defence line for the opposing team.

After school boosters

Some of the year 6 children have been attending after school boosters to aid them in making progress for the up and coming SATs. These have been very successful and we’d like to continue running them for a few more weeks after the Easter Break. The last week they’ll run will be the 30th April. The teachers have put a lot of effort and time into running these so please could you ensure that your child continues to attend so that they gain the full benefits of these.

Easter Homework

We are sending home 3 pieces of homework to complete over the Easter holidays: mixed arithmetic questions, a maths reasoning paper and a mixed grammar booklet. Completing these will help the children with their SATs preparations and to consolidate their learning from this term.

If the rain continues and children are at a loose end over the holidays, why not challenge them to make their own stop-motion animation? They have learned the skills at school and should be able to apply this at home. We’d certainly be keen to watch any of their  creations back at school when they return.


Finally, we just want to thank all the children for their hard work this term. Also, thank you to parents for always being supportive. Enjoy your Easter and we will see you in 2 weeks.

Year 6 Team


Frozen Kingdoms

Our first Spring project, Frozen Kingdoms, has just come to an end and we’d love to share some of the children’s learning with you. The children have loved learning about conditions in the Polar Regions, the animals which live there and also about some of the explorers who have dared to venture in these harsh conditions.


The children identified where the Polar Regions are on our Earth; some were surprised to find that Antarctica is actually a continent due to there being a land mass underneath. The Arctic, which is located in the Northern Hemisphere, actually covers 9 countries. In order to understand why the Poles are much colder, we studied the Earth and identified the key biomes on our planet.




Additionally, we looked at how temperatures and rainfall differ in various locations. The children were given a set of places and they had to predict the temperatures and amount of rainfall; they were then given the actual readings which they placed accurately on their scale and compared to their prediction. Some were very surprised by how cold the Antarctic can get – the lowest recorded temperature is -89 degrees Celsius! Another interesting fact is that it doesn’t actually rain or snow in Antarctica meaning that the conditions are actually very dry making it a desert.



In another lesson, the children had to organise information about Polar animals into a Venn diagram; they had to consider whether the animal lived in the Arctic or Antarctic before thinking about what terrain they live on. Lastly, they created a key to show what the animal is classified as for example a mammal or bird.



In our final Geography lesson this week, the children found out some basic information about the Inuit – who are indigenous to the Arctic region – and then chose a specific area of interest to research. They could choose how they wanted to present their work.

Science and PSHE

Over the last two terms, our topics have focused on keeping our bodies fit and healthy. We have studied the cardiovascular system and paid particular attention to the heart and how it works. We even investigated what happens when we exercise and compared the heart rates of different aged people and of those who are fit and unfit.

The children also studied food and a balanced diet. To begin with, the children recapped their knowledge from previous years about the five key food groups. We then studied the Eatwell Guide which recommends what proportion of each food group we should have daily. To move the children’s learning on, our main focus of a balanced diet this year was looking at food alternatives for people with allergies and intolerances whilst also thinking of those who are vegan and vegetarian.The children used this knowledge to evaluate meals by analysing how balanced they were. They then went on to suggest further recommendations about how the meal could be improved and also how the meal could be altered considering dietary requirements.

Part of the science National Curriculum is about drug education. The children considered what is actually defined as a drug then sorted drugs into those which are legal and those which are illegal. They found out about age restrictions and what prescribed medication is. We looked at some drugs which are not good for the body in more detail and the children found out about some of the long and short term effects of these. In PSHE, we studied peer pressure and linked this with how some people might be peer pressed to smoke, drink alcohol or even take drugs.

At the end of this unit, the children were asked to design a poster for a local secondary school which encouraged people to stay healthy and give them advice about how they can do this. We were so impressed with their creativity and their maturity in this topic.


After watching some clips from ‘March of the Penguins’ and finding out about the extreme lengths that penguins go to for their mate, the children created their own march of penguins down the year 6 corridor. For this piece of art, they used black sugar paper and used chalk to create the highlights using their observational skills.


In other news…

New project: Our new project, Temples of Doom, will be starting next week which is a history led project about the ancient Mayan civilisation.

Mock SATs: Our mock SATs week went really well this week and the children tried so hard! We’d like to keep you updated about their progress so will be sending home a letter over the next week or two which explains whether they are on track.

No Homework: As the children have worked so hard this week in their mock SATs, we have not set any homework. That being said, if children are keen to continue learning at home, they could log onto Rockstars to see if they can improve their average speed and earn some extra coins! Topmarks is another great website which supports all learning at all levels.


Evacuation Day

What a success Evacuation day was; the children looked brilliant in their WW2 style clothing and their learning was enriched through various activities throughout the day.



We began the day with ‘Evacuation Lottery’ where the children chose numbers which correlated to details such as their first name, surname, home town and place of evacuation. The children took on this identify for the day and wrote their new details onto an identity tag.

Singing kept morale high during WW2. During the morning, all of year 6 gathered together to sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Vera Lynn. We also looked at the lyrics and considered what might be meant by phrases such as ‘till the blue skies chase the dark clouds far away’. We also sang ‘Run Rabbit’ and learned about the alternative meaning to this song which took the mickey out of the Nazis.

To understand what evacuees must have felt like, the children took part in some freeze frames using pictures from WW2 as inspiration; the children had to say what they’d be thinking and feeling if they were in the shoes of an evacuee. This helped us to gather some ideas for postcards which they wrote ‘home’.

Entertainment in 1940 was very different from today. The children learned how to play a couple of different old-fashioned marble games; it was very enjoyable whilst also being rather competitive! Who’d have thought they could have so much fun without an X-box in sight!?

Children were evacuated to countryside locations which would have looked very different to the big cities they were used to. For some children, this was their first time seeing such lush fields and cattle. The children learned some watercolour painting techniques to create a picture inspired by countryside photos. We were so impressed by the children’s observational skills –it’s hard to tell apart the photos from the children’s paintings!

Other activites throughout the day also included reading a special WW2 edition of our ‘First News’ paper and answering some quiz questions.

At one point during the day, we sounded the air raid siren loudly. As an emergency procedure, we evacuated to the cloakrooms and turned off the lights just like they would have done during the Blackout. The children said it was quite scary knowing that the German airforce, the Luftwaffe, could be potentially dropping bombs!

To top off our learning, the following day we had some very special visitors in school – Mr and Mrs Hedgecock and Mr and Mrs Collier. They were evacuated during the war and answered lots of questions which the children had written; it was so interesting hearing about their first-hand experiences. Thank you so much for joining us for the afternoon.

We hope that the children have been sharing their learning about WW2 at home as they should have gained a wealth of knowledge in this thought-provoking topic.






Year 5 and 6 Fraction Workshop for Parents

In order to support our parents, we are holding a Fraction Workshop aimed at parents who are not feeling confident in their own subject knowledge related to fractions. This will hopefully enable parents to feel able to feel more confident in supporting their children with their Mathematics education.

In this workshop, we will start with at the beginning by studying the basic foundations of fractions and take you through to looking at how we calculate with fractions using all four operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The workshop will be run by Miss Goddard on Thursday 7th December at 7pm and will last for approximately an hour and a half.

We have 30 spaces available and booking is open now using the same system as our Parents’ Evening booking. To book onto this workshop, please follow these instructions:

 Booking onto the Maths Workshop

  1. Navigate to
  2. Complete the form, entering the details as you would expect them to be stored in the School’s records, eg. Daniel rather than Dan. On the next page you should see a box with the Maths Workshop listed. Click on Make Appointments Individually.
  3. The next page will display the Maths Workshop slots. Click on the next available time slot. (Note that we are using the Parents’ evening application to book for this workshop, so it appears that you have a timed slot, but this is not the case as the workshop starts at 7pm.)
  4. Select Make Booking to confirm your place. You should see your child’s name in the slot chosen.

If you have any problems logging in, click on the help button at the top of the screen. If you continue to have problems phone or email the school office.

Tel. 01256 346111



Confirmation of booking and a questionnaire will be sent to those attending in a couple of weeks time.


Year 6 News

We hope you all had a lovely half term break; we have a very exciting few weeks in the lead up to Christmas and have just started our next project ‘Could you have kept calm and carried on?’ which is a history based topic.

Evacuation Day

We have set a date for evacuation day which will be Tuesday 5th December. Children will come to school wearing clothes similar to those worn during the WW2 period and they may also bring a box for their ‘gas mask’. We will send a letter out soon with further details.

SATs Books

A huge thank you to all the parents who have contributed towards the SATs Buster books as these will be so useful for the children; they should have already brought home two of the books for their SPaG and Maths homework this week. If you haven’t already contributed, can we send another plea as we have only received enough payment to cover the cost of just over half. You can pay online if that is easier.

Please can we also remind children and parents that it is very important that homework is completed on time and that it is useful to have a go at the task set within the first couple of days so that we can help those who are struggling so they have time to take on board our advice and have another go.

The Woolton Pie!

As part of our History and Design Technology, the children have already been learning about rationing during the war and in the years which followed. They found out about the Ministry of Food who were responsible for encouraging families to eat healthily with a focus on foods which were not rationed. Lord Woolton, who was head of the Ministry of Food, designed a pie which incorporated different vegetables as these could be easily grown in people’s back gardens.

The children will be designing their own Woolton Pie in groups next week and we will be asking each child to bring in a vegetable to contribute to their pie. The children will then be able to have these as their lunch option on this given day. More information will follow next week.

Below is the official recipe which was printed in ‘The Times’ newspaper during WW2.


Marvellous Me – Year R

The children are settling into school life and all the routines. We have met our Year 6 buddies and had story time with them. Today our buddies took us to Harvest worship and played during playtime. We have made hedgehog bread to take to Harvest and look forward to sharing this with our friends and family. The children have now all read twice this week and are getting into the routines of their library day.

Please remember to send a coat everyday even if it is sunny. We do have a couple of spare coats but not enough for everyone.

PE: Please send your child dressed in PE kit on Tuesdays with their school uniform in a named bag. Check everything is clearly named. Can you ensure their is a name on the outside of the PE bag somewhere as the children cannot find their own bag if they have to look inside and find the label.

Top Tip of the week: Put a sticker on your child’s learning log and water bottle so they can recognise their own one.

Have a good weekend.