Times Tables RockStars

RockStars proved to be hugely popular last year and helped the children to make considerable progress in learning their times tables facts.

As it is a new school year, we have reset the children’s RockStars accounts. Teachers will be handing out their logins this week.

RockStars is continuously improving with new features; this year, it has some new tools which help to assess where your child is currently with their times tables knowledge in order to tailor some of the questions to suit their needs and also give feedback to their teacher.

When your child first logs in, they will first need to choose a new ‘rockstar’ name. It would then be beneficial for them to play the ‘Gig’ as this gives an initial assessment and a baseline speed so that they and their teachers can see their progress over time.

If you have any questions, please pop in and speak to the class teacher.

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello and welcome to Year 5!

We have been enjoying getting to know the children over this first week and have already got stuck into our first topic of Space, as well as Maths and English.

As we’re sure you have heard, we had a fantastic day at Winchester Science Centre on Tuesday. The children were given the opportunity to explore the exhibits independently, take part in a workshop and then enjoy the excitement of the planetarium in the afternoon. The planetarium was awe-inspiring and was a fantastic addition to the start of our topic, leaving many children curious about life outside of Earth.


Don’t forget it’s our Curriculum Morning tomorrow, between 9am and 10am, where a brief overview of the Year 5 Curriculum will be given followed by a focus on how Maths is taught at St Mark’s. You will also be invited into the classroom to join the children in their Maths activity. We hope to see you there!

Year 5 Teachers


Production Time!

Our first official performance of Madagascar is tomorrow and the children are very exciting about performing in front of their friends and families!

Drops off and Pick ups

For our evening performances – on Tuesday and Wednesday evening – your child will need to dropped off at school between 6:15pm and 6:30pm. A register will be taken just after 6:30pm to ensure that everyone is present. If your child is part of backstage or needs their face painted, they will need to arrive at 6:15pm. Our play should finish at around 8:15pm so please arrive shortly after if you are picking up.


We have a professional photographer in school tomorrow who will be taking a photo of the whole year 6 cast and also friendship groups. We will be selling these later this week so keep an eye out for the proofs.


As I am sure you are aware, we have not charged for tickets for Madagascar but will have a donation basket available should you wish to offer a donation after the performances.

The children have worked incredibly hard this term rehearsing for their play so we hope you thoroughly enjoy it – see you soon!

Year 5 and 6 Team

Year 5 Update

Just a few quick reminders about next week.

The children in the production who have not already brought in their costumes, will need to do so on Monday morning. This is for the dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon to half of the school. Their costumes should be a plain brightly coloured t-shirt (sports day t-shirts would be fine) and blue denim shorts or jeans.

Secondly, we are completing our ‘Change the World’ projects next week.

5GP – are having their ‘Wear it Wild’ day on Tuesday, please see letter for further details

5T – are continuing their collection of animal products and old towels and blankets for the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre all week and will be completing their other tasks on Tuesday in class

5F – will be completing their project on Tuesday morning in class also

Finally, a massive well done to all children for Sports Day today, they all participated well and showed great resilience.

Have a lovely weekend

Year 5 Teachers

Year 5 Cams Toys

Yesterday the children learnt about cams mechanisms and were set the task to design their own Viking themed cam toy. In order for us to make them, we need as many shoe boxes as possible, as the cams toys will be made inside of these boxes. Please send these in tomorrow if possible, as we are planning to start this tomorrow afternoon.


We look forward to seeing you on the Open Afternoon on Thursday 18th July.

The Year 5 Team

Air Quality Team Go Donutting!

At the beginning of this week, the Air Quality Team thoroughly enjoyed their prize-winning donutting experience at Alpine Snowsports Centre in Aldershot.  There was plenty of fun and laughter and a great time was had by all.  The children loved being active and outside in the fresh air.  We were really proud of how well they represented the school and it was a well-deserved celebration of their fantastic air quality project campaign.

Year 5 Children are AMAZING – Singing at Pemberley House

What an incredible year group! What AMAZING children! 

Firstly, we would like to thank the Pemberley House Committee. The six children booked the coach, organised permission letters, counted parent donations and ran an incredibly successful bake sale – raising £177!

Secondly, we would like to thank every single child in the year group. In total, they raised £436 and they haven’t even done their Sports Day face painting yet! We will be letting the children decide what to do with the extra money raised – either something for Pemberley House or to be used towards our ‘Change The World’ projects. From donations, to providing cakes, to learning song lyrics – every child has been so dedicated to ensuring today happened – and what a moment it was!

The singing was exceptional – so very moving! There were even residents dancing with their carers on the balconies. Pure joy radiated around the home thanks to this inspirational group of children. We even had requests for more songs! The children then had the opportunity to mingle with the residents and they approached this with the most outstanding maturity – asking questions, sharing their own experiences and being very respectful if they had to repeat themselves a few times too!

A huge success- what an impact we have had in our community!

Here are a few snippets of each song that we sung.

Sports Day Cake Sale

As you may have read on the letter emailed, we are planning to help raise money for the coach to Pemberley House by selling cakes during lunch time of Sports Day.

As your child may have mentioned, Year 5 will be in charge of running this during part of the picnic section. However, we need your help to provide the cakes that we will be selling. These could be bought or baked, it is up to you. We would really appreciate as many as possible to help us reach our target.

Please send the cakes into school on the morning of Sports Day with your child.

Please be very careful to not include cakes with nuts in, due to allergies of children and staff. Feel free to donate any other free from cakes too.

Thank you for your donations already, we are excited about our visit to Pemberley House next Wednesday.

Year 5 Team.

Viking Invasions

What an exciting start to the half term we have had.

We started our ‘Winner Takes it All’ topic learning about the different viewpoints linked to the Viking invasions on the Anglo-Saxons in Britain. We split the year group into two groups.

5F and 5GP were the Anglo-Saxons building their settlements in the British countryside. They learnt about the features of a village and how the houses were made.

5T were the Vikings, discovering who they were, where they came from and the symbolism on their shields.

The vicious Vikings, then invaded and destroyed the villages that the Anglo-Saxons had carefully created.

We then discussed how each side felt about the invasion and how different they felt about the event. Later this week, we plan to write from each of these viewpoint, so it was important that the children had a good understanding of how each side felt.

The children thoroughly enjoyed being creative and experiencing what it was like to live in those times.

We look forward to learning more about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons throughout this half term.

A quick thank you for all of the homework we have already received. We have been blown away by the time and effort put in to making them.

Thanks for your continued support

Year 5 Teachers

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