Welcome to Year 5

We have had a fantastic start to learning about our topic, Space Odyssey. We have started to think about the different planets along with how the Earth orbits and rotates.

Art has been very exciting!! We started off by thinking about the different animals who have been to space, and then created our own animals in space pictures. These we have proudly displayed in the Year 5 corridor and outside the Main Hall.

We have since worked on our artistic skills and had the challenge of creating as many hues of  grey to help us create a picture of the moon. For these we needed to mix together black and white in order to create different shades and hues.

We look forward to seeing you tonight at our Curriculum Evening.

The Year 5 Team.

Year 5 update

We are having a wonderful few weeks in Year 5 and enjoying the sunshine! Last Thursday we had our taster day to Brighton Hill and we were very pleased with the fantastic engagement and behaviour all children showed. They had the opportunity to take part in a range of practical lessons including creating a rainbow fizz in science; making a clay monster in art; playing hand-ball on the power league and creating a wooden box in DT. If the children made a clay model, this is currently at Brighton Hill being fired and will be arriving at our school over the next few weeks for them to bring home.

We ended last week with our reward afternoon. It was lovely to see the children enjoying playing on the Key Stage 2 equipment, drawing, creating their own dance routines and taking part in some cricket matches. These reward afternoons seem to be a big highlight for our year group! Our final one will be on the afternoon of the final day of term, Monday 23rd July.

In tennis, the children are making excellent progress with using their footwork and their understanding of appropriate selection shot. They are now progressing onto taking part in matches and understanding the scoring of these.

This week is RE week and we are deepening our understanding of our Christian values and how these link to our learning behaviours. This has been placed in the context of the Easter Story and the children are completing different activities to enable them to reflect on themselves, their ability to put others first and how we can disseminate this into our local community.

Following the Year 5 and 6 production letter, which outlined the children will need a costume of dark trousers and a green top, please can we ask their costumes are in school on Monday 9th July.

A reminder that on Monday 9th July we have the head teacher of Henry Beaufort Secondary School doing an assembly for our Year 5 pupils and you are welcome to join. This begins at 9am, in the main hall, and so please arrive promptly.


Many thanks,

The year 5 Team

Peter Pan Performance!

It’s that time of year again and in just under a month’s time, Year 5 and 6 will be putting on yet another show-stopping performance – Peter Pan! Rehearsals, lyric learning and prop making are well underway and the children are feeling excited about entertaining their friends and families.

Our booking system for tickets is similar to the Christmas Carol Concert. To request tickets for the performance of Peter Pan, please click the link below:


Kind regards

Year 5 and 6 Team


Year 5 Trip

Last week we had our trip to Butser Ancient Farm and a picnic at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The children were given a welcome talk at Butser inside a round-house with an open fire. This provided the children with an understanding of life in the Anglo-Saxon times and gave them the opportunity to ask their own questions. We then went off in our groups to complete 2 different activities. The first involved colouring a piece of chalk with a leaf and carving a Viking Rune into it. The second was a hands-on activity of clunching and daubing. The children had to hammer lumps of chalk into smaller pieces, before using this to create a mixture of mud, chalk and water. They enjoyed getting their hands messy to smear this thick substance onto a wall- although some less so than others.

A big well done and thank you to those children who were well behaved and represented our school with pride.


This half term we are learning to play tennis focusing on our serving and rallying skills. The children have shown great teamwork and their skills are progressing well.


In science we are learning about the life cycles of animals and how these vary depending on the grouping of the animal. The children have looked at these individually and in comparison to one another. This week we discussed the 6 different stages of a human life cycle. This will feed into our PSHE lessons in the coming weeks where we will discuss the changes our bodies experience during puberty.


Norse Myths

Our current English unit has immersed the children in Norse Myths. We have unpicked the main features, looked at the personalities of some Gods and Goddess who feature in these, as well as describing the settings of the different lands: Asgard, Midgard and Jotunheim. From this, the children have planned and written their own myth. They have worked super hard on applying the writing skills they have learnt across the year to produce pieces which reflect their effort.


Many thanks,

The Year 5 Team

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Can you believe it is the final half term of the academic year?! This year has flown by and we have a busy, but exciting, few weeks ahead! Here are some of the diary dates we have coming up:

Thursday 14th June- Year 5 trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Friday 15th June- Sports Day

Thursday 28th June Brighton Hill Taster Day

Shortly, we will begin learning the songs to our Year 5 and 6 production of Peter Pan. The children are very exciting about this and we cannot wait to start rehearsals.

Line dancing

In the last week of Summer 1 each class participated in a line dancing workshop with a dance instructor. The children engaged well and show great enjoyment.

Reward afternoon

It has been fantastic to see the positive impact our new behaviour policy is having and each time more children are receiving their full amount of reward time. We had 3 different themed classrooms the children could choose between which involved:

Challenge room- Building the tallest tower with marshmallows and spaghetti and the strongest tower with newspaper.

Games room- Lots of party games, singing and dancing!

Arts and crafts- Collaging, drawing and creating friendship bracelets.

Those children who lose some of their reward time spend time reflecting on their behaviour, the reasons why they haven’t achievement their full amount of time and what they could improve on. We would appreciate if you could support us by talking this through with your child.


Green Fingers Market

At the end of the half term, it was a joy to see the children sharing their learning with their parents, carers and family members during our Green Fingers Market.  We were overwhelmed with your generosity when purchasing your children’s plants and we would like to send a huge thank you. We raised a fantastic £110.20!!! This money has been donated to Cancer Research which was decided by the children.


Many thanks,

The Year 5 Team

Creativity and Team Work

We have had a creative and active few weeks in Year 5, particularly working on our learning behaviours of teamwork, creativity and resilience.


Cams day

Last week, we had a whole day of making our cams moving toy. Throughout the day, the children worked in pairs to construct and decorate their toy. The children had to accurately measure where their holes needed to be drilled; drill the hole using a hand-drill and also saw their wooden dowels to the correct length. This process required the children to use problem solving to resolve issues with the movement of their cam toy. In the afternoon, the children showed amazing creativity to decorate their toy with a range of resources. We were so impress with their end products and the respectful team work they showed throughout!!

Cricket and swimming

Miss Cox has enjoyed taking a group of children swimming this half term. They are using their resilience to increase their confidence in the water and excellent respect towards the swimming instructors. Due to swimming not being on this week, these children enjoyed being taught a cricket lesson by Mr Maylen working on their short barrier, fielding skills. Please note, swimming continues again next week, on Monday and Wednesday, with Wednesday being our final, extended session of 1 hour.

The children who haven’t been swimming have been learning how to play cricket with Mrs Happy. They have made excellent progress in their skills of bowling, fielding and batting to now successfully participate in a game.


In art, we have started a unit on sculpting. This week we developed our awareness of what defines a sculpture and we looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We then went outdoors to create our own pieces of art work, inspired by his, using resources from the school grounds and arranging them in a creative way.

Green Fingers Market

The children were given the opportunity to suggest different charities the proceeds from our market could go to. Once the suggestions had been shortlisted, the children voted and Cancer Research received the most amount of votes- they are very enthusiastic about this. Plants will be a minimum donation of 30p and so please bring change with you if you would like to purchase one.


The Year 5 Team

Year 5 Update

We are really enjoying our Butter Finger topic and the children have been very interested in finding out about Cricket and The Caribbean.  The children have also had the chance to write a biography on a sports star of their choice.  We have been so pleased with their efforts in researching and writing these biographies and we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading these when you have the chance. Our cams day is fast approaching – Thursday 10th May – please ensure your child has a shoe box in school for next week.

Our recent science lessons have involved unpicking the lifecycle of a plant and dissecting a flower to understand the process of reproduction in some plants. The children have also begun planting their plants in preparation to sell at the market in a couple of weeks, which they are very excited for.

Following the success of the new Year 5 behaviour policy and especially the tally system, we have decided to celebrate the children’s good behaviour at lunch times by adding an extra tally making a total of six per day.

We have a few exciting dates to look forward to this term.  The children are having the chance to visit Brighton Hill to experience a Secondary School in action on Thursday 28th June (please inform the office of any other taster days your child may be attending);  our Green Fingers Market, a chance to look at your child’s book and potentially buy the plant that they have grown, will be held on Friday 25th May; finally, of course our Butser Trip on Thursday 14th June (please remember to complete the form and hand in as soon as possible).


We hope you enjoy the sunny bank holiday weekend.

The Year 5 Team

A sunny welcome back!

Welcome back to our final term of Year 5!


The children have delighted us with their Caribbean homework from over the Easter holidays and these will be going on display in and around the school within the next few days.


In science this term, the children will be learning about the life cycle of animals and plants and will have an opportunity to grow their own plant. On Friday 25th May at 2:30pm we would like to invite you to our ‘Green Fingers’ market, where the children will be selling their plants and sharing their learning from this half term. Further details about this will follow in the coming weeks.


This week we have enjoyed being naturalists and exploring the school grounds, in the sunshine, to find evidence of living organisms. We then classified these into different groups depending on their characteristics and life cycle. We have also begun to immerse ourselves in our Butter Fingers/ Caribbean topic. This week, the children were given various pictures of the Caribbean to annotate with their thoughts and questions about their observations of the lifestyle and environment.

As the temperatures become warmer, we would like to remind you that all children should bring to school a named water bottle and sun hat. Although we appreciate your child may want cold water, please can you refrain from freezing water bottles as they take too long to defrost and leave a trail of surplus water across desks.


Many thanks,

The Year 5 Team

Easter is here


Wow, what an amazing afternoon yesterday was! It was a great success and we thoroughly enjoyed this event. Thank you so much to those of you who were able to attend and also for the donations of food. We really appreciate your support. We look forward to holding another event, for parents or carers to attend, during the Summer Term.


Well done to the winning group- Belgium!!


This morning, each Year 5 class paired up with a Year 1 class to share the picture book they created on World Book Day. It was really lovely to see Year 5 showing responsibility and care towards Year 1, who were engaged in the stories. The maturity of our Year 5 children was commented on by the Year 1 teachers.



On a final note, the children have been set a half term homework, which they brought home last week. Their task is to create a flag for a country in the Caribbean and write 3 facts on the back about their chosen country. This is due in on Friday 20th April. The children also have their usual Maths (due 20.04.18) and SPaG (due 18.04.18) homework. Just to make you aware, we will be making moving toys in DT next half term which will require each child to have a shoe box so please keep hold of any you have and send these in from Week 2 onwards.



We all wish you an enjoyable Easter Break.

The Year 5 Team


Mad Hair Day

Mad Hair Day was a brilliant success yesterday! The children showed fantastic creativity with their mad hair styles and the school councillors found it tough to choose just one winner from each class. Thank you for your donations; we raised £78.05! A huge well done to our Year 5 School Councillors for organising this event.

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