Saying ‘Hello’!

Dear parents and carers,

Our LSAs and teachers would love to be in weekly contact with as many of our pupils as possible. This is to say hello, encourage the children, help keep a sense of normality, and to see if there is anything we can help with.

It would be on a weekly basis, where possible.

A few points:

  • This will not replace the year group emails that we have, and that many of you are using.
  • Your child will have regular weekly contact with a member of staff from their year group. It would be from a known LSA or a teacher!
  • The communication will be either a phone call (to the parent/carer’s mobile) or an email (to the email address specified on the form below).
  • The idea is to talk/write to the child directly, with your permission and support! For Year R children, this would be through tapestry.
  • Emails from staff members will come from their work email address only. Emails conversations sent by staff members will also be bcc’d to the school year group email to ensure safeguarding. (For Year R parents, this will be through Tapestry as opposed to email. In the form, don’t worry about the email address section).
  • Phone calls from staff may appear on your mobile as ‘number withheld’ – this is to protect the mobile numbers of the staff member. It’s not a nuisance call – hopefully!
  • Because of limited staff, not all children will have contact in this way. But remember, the year group email addresses are still available!

In order for this to happen, you must complete the form below asap – no later than Sunday 26th March, 5pm. The communication will start on the Monday. Click the button below to register!

We really hope your child will benefit from this regular communication from a known staff member!