New Year R Children – September 2023



We want to say a huge welcome to your family from St Mark’s! If you are joining us for the first time or are already part of the school community, we hope you feel welcomed, informed and part of our school soon. Need to contact the Year R team with a question? Email them at 

You can also find bite-sized information about St Mark’s here.

blank Updates posted on 8th June 2023

  • Slides from the presentation from Tuesday evening are here. We really spoke through all of the details on this page (the most important one!)
  • Children with Allergies – if your child has allergies, and will require a special diet, please read the information below.
  • Have you completed this home visits preference questionnaire yet?
  • Why not book a Farm Slot to look after our chickens (and probably rabbits and guinea pigs). Click here for more info. When you sign up, just say that you are a new parent and we can verify it on our system!


Our wonderful caterers, Pabulum, are happy to provide a special menu for your child if they have food allergies. If this is the case, please complete a hard copy of this form (including a signature from your doctor). Pabulum will also need a signed letter from the GP or dietician as medical evidence of the allergy to avoid a delay in your application. Unfortunately, only allergies can be accommodated with a special menu, not food preferences or intolerances. All Pabulum standard menus are detailed on our website with the allergens listed, so it is simple to see those that contain the major allergens.

Other bits and pieces:

  • Join our PTA Summer Fun Day on 1st July @ St Mark’s!
  • Will your child need breakfast club? Details here.
  • Will your child need after school care? Two options: 1) SCL, run at school, booking online  2) Hatch Warren Community Centre After School Care. Details here You won’t be able to book it just yet though!

Got a question?