Safeguarding Update September 2023

KCSIE Sept 23 Updates

Filtering and Monitoring – schools must know what this entails and if it’s effective.

Attendance is so important; it’s not just about children missing in education.

Clarification of online searches for recuitment

Are safeguarding measures in place for premises users?

CPOMS- Alert SEND Team

If you feel Claire and Madeleine need to be aware of a CPOM, don’t forget to tick blank

CPOMS – don’t forget to add siblings

If an incident may relate to a sibling, please make sure you include them.


Who helps to lead safeguarding?


Reminder of Key Terms

DSL – Designated Safeguarding Lead

LADO – Local Authority Designated Officer

KCSIE – Keeping Children Safe in Education (Safeguarding Bible)

PREVENT – Government drive to prevent radicalisation and extremism.

Filtering – stopping unwanted content getting through

Monitoring – knowing what is getting through and doing something about it.

A story of Extremism


Indicators of change…


Cyber Security Case Studies

Who’s looking at your screen?

Avoid showing any confidential information on your whiteboard/laptop whilst children may be looking.

A school understandably got into lots of trouble for showing safeguarding information to the class, as the teacher was unaware it had popped up on the second screen (the IWB).

New label coming to your laptop soon!


Lock your screen when away from your desk

Ctrl – Alt – Del then press K (shortcut key!) or click on ‘Lock’