Year 1 – Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Year 1


We hope you are well and are keeping busy with lots of fun activities. Keep sending your emails in as we love hearing what you have been up to. If you’re looking for something extra to do today, see if you can do some yoga with Cosmic Kids. Here is a link to a yoga demonstration themed around Colonel Crockles the Crocodile:  Cosmic Kids – Colonel Crockles the Crocodile

Thank you for everything you are doing.

Year 1 Team


  • Science: Today we are looking at the different parts of a plant. First watch this video: Flower Parts Video

Then have a look at these slides to find out about the parts and where they go: Labelling a Flower

Now have a go at this activity. Where are each of the 4 parts on the plant? Can you label them? Find it here: Labelling a Flower Activity

If you would like to continue your learning, you could go into the garden and see if you can spot the 4 parts we have learnt about on a flower you find.

  • Art: Now that you have learnt about flowers, see if you can create your own flower and label all the parts. You could draw, paint, collage or junk model your flower. Make sure you remember to show the roots somehow! Then draw lines to each of the 4 main parts you have learnt about and label using the words:








Today we are going to be having a look at finding half. Have a quick chat with someone in your house. What is half? Have you ever had half of an apple, cupcake, orange or biscuit? If you have, then you know your apple, biscuit, cupcake or orange was cut down the middle into two equal pieces! 

What does equal mean?……. It means the same!

Today we are going to have a go at finding half of objects.  Have a look at the slides here: Finding Half of a Shape

After you have looked at the slides have a go at the activity! Can you sort the shapes? Which shapes have been cut in half? Find it here: Finding Half – Maths Activity

Have a super day!