Year 3 – London and Paris

We have been busy in Geography looking at maps and locating Basingstoke, London and Paris. We have enjoyed looking at google earth and spotting the human and physical features of each city. We have described the position of landmarks using geographical vocabulary.  It has been lovely to see the children using their knowledge already gained from their knowledge organisers. 

In Art we have been inspired by a book called ‘A Lion in Paris’. 

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We looked carefully at the pictures within the book. We then started by practising drawing Buckingham Palace in our Art books where we looked carefully at the detail needed. We then used fine black pens to recreate this picture before adding it to a painted background. We then added pictures to create art work similar to ‘A Lion in Paris’. We photocopied our work and are very pleased with the effect. 

This week we finished our class reading book ‘The Wild Robot’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this story that we started reading alongside ‘The Iron Man’ last term. The story has very much left the children on a cliff hanger where they want to know what will happen to Roz the Robot next. We discussed how the author had left an open opportunity for a second book and when we shared that there is a second book they were keen to find out more. The second book is called ‘The Wild Robot Escapes’ . We have included pictures below to show you incase your child would like to read on. We look forward to hearing from those that have been inspired by this first book and read the second one at home.   

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Happy reading!

Year 3 Team