Year 3 – What’s Inside?

On Monday, the children were given several clues to guess our new project. They started with a take away pot with either pasta or rice inside.  They asked some super questions and made some good predictions as we slowly relieved the clues to our new project. They then had fun creating their own skeletons and trying to label the bones (We will be working on understanding the names of the bones). After break, we explained to the children that we were going to learn a new dance but something went wrong with the video and had been taken over by these skeletons ……….  The children soon guessed who they were as they completed the YMCA, Macarena and Baby Shark. They enjoyed joining in!


The children thought of some sensible questions about our big question ‘Why do we need a skeleton?’. At the end of the day they brought home their knowledge organisers and Project leaflet. Please share these with your children. 

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We are looking forward to learning more about ‘What’s Inside!’ 

A few reminders: 
* Our reading raffle will continue this term. 3 reads = 1 raffle ticket/ 4 reads = 2 raffle tickets / 5&6 reads = 3 raffle tickets/ 7 reads = 4 raffle tickets. We have had lots of winners each week and 2 big winners, Harry and Marcus, who have enjoyed their new books. 
* Timestables – Timetables rock stars – Please keep logging on – we will be giving out some certificates next week for fastest and most improved. 
* Spellings – Spelling shed – This week’s spellings have now been added. 

Click on these links for our knowledge organiser and What’s inside topic web. 

Thank you 
Year 3 Team