Year 6- Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Super Year 6!

Good Morning Year 6. Haven’t we been lucky AGAIN with the weather this week?

We loved seeing you on Zoom yesterday – you have brought such smiles to the teachers faces and have made us feel great! We enjoyed meeting some of your pets too. We were glad it went well and hope you enjoyed our little quiz. Let us know if you have any good ideas for things we could try next time. We will arrange another class Zoom in a few weeks time :)

I hope that you’ve managed to get outside even if it’s just in the garden or maybe you’ve been for a short walk with your family. I have spotted so many beautiful flowers growing which I don’t always notice when I’m rushing about. Here are some pictures of some of the flowers that I have seen this week. Maybe you’ve taken some pictures of some of the things that you’ve spotted in your garden or on your walks. We’d love to see them! 

Mrs Silvester, Miss Pettitt and Mrs Chapman


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Helpful Reminders

Don’t forget you can email us on We would love to hear from you if you have a question, need a password, need some help, want to show us your work or even just say hello! Please get your grown up’s permission before you email us. We look forward to hearing from you. We may not reply the same day!

Presentation – Please remember to do your very best work. Handwriting and presentation are as important at home as they are in school. You can complete your work in a book or if you need lined or squared paper you can get it here.

Note for parents: Hopefully your children will enjoy working through these activities and can do independently. We completely understand it may be difficult to complete all these tasks due to other family commitments or you are working from home, so please do not worry; complete what you can with your child. 

Ongoing Daily Activities

As well as the learning tasks we upload each day, there are a few ‘extras’ that you could have a go at, if you get time.

TTRockstars – Play 5 garage games + 5 studio games.
Reading – Read for at least 20 minutes every day.
Weekly spellings – Practise these everyday in your spelling booklets – your new weekly sheet will be uploaded each Monday. Week 1 Main Spelling List     Week 1 Less Tricky Spelling List

Jae Malone, the author of ‘Silver Linings’ unfortunately could not visit us last month because of the Covid situation. However, she is incredibly keen to make sure we keep our imaginations fired and let our love of writing stories grow. Therefore, she has sent some fun ideas on how to create short stories. With these writing prompts you may be able to come up with a brand new story idea that no one else has ever thought of. You don’t have to write stories down, you may picture them in your mind or be a storyteller to members of your family.

 Grid – Haunting things                           Grid One – People and Creatures                              Seaside Columns

As well as these fun story creating ideas, she has set us an exciting challenge. If you would like to win a signed set of Jae Malone’s trilogy, then why not enter her creative writing competition?


All you have to do is send your completed Indiana story from last term. If you have already sent us uploaded photos of your completed story or sent it as a Word document, then all you have to do is ask us to submit it to Jae’s competition. If you didn’t send us your completed story, you have until 4th May to complete your story and send it to us. Remember to use the address for your entries.

Daily physical activity which you enjoy. Challenge yourself! Remember Joe Wicks is still there to keep us moving.


We are continuing to learn about Angles today!

Don’t forget to complete today’s Success in Seven first though – Success in 7 week 1

Once you have checked through your answers carefully, mark your work using today’s answers – Thursday answers Success in Seven

If you want to warm up your brain a little more, why not have a go on Hit the Button


White Rose Task

Today we would like you to use Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 4. It’s called Angles in a triangle – missing angles – we think you will be good at this one! Can you remember what degrees the angles in a triangle add up to before you open the website?

Here’s what the activity looks like:


File:Gold Star.svg - Wikimedia CommonsExtra Challenge File:Gold Star.svg - Wikimedia Commons

You can find today’s Maths Challenge if you click here.

The Top 10 Smartest Dogs | HouseMyDog Blog


We have enjoyed seeing your robot designs – what creative inventors you are! Here are some of the drawings we were emailed after Art on Monday:

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We hope you are proud of the introductions you wrote for your new robots yesterday. For today’s session, we would like you to finish writing your persuasive advert. Follow the guidance on the PowerPoint to help you and here are the two examples if you need them again: Two good examples 

When you’re finished, feel free to add extra information around the edge e.g. price, discount, any special offers etc. 

Send us your final advertisement and you may see it on the website!

Have fun!

Thumbs Up Dog Clipart

Fantastic French!

Miss Stonehouse has made another fun video for you today! We know lots of you enjoyed her last French lesson and this one is great too :)

Have a look in the Video Resources at the bottom of the page to find today’s video. 

French Flag | Buy Flag of French | The Flag Shop

Video Resources

[passster password=”StMarksYoutube*”]

LINK HERE (just paste it with Ctrl-V)



The End!