Year 3 – Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Year 3


Happy Thursday!

How is it Thursday – the week goes so fast when we are working so hard! Thank you again for sharing all your super work with us – we are going to be sharing this with you tomorrow.

So today is going to be a busy day, we look forward to seeing you all in our Zoom catch ups (Your grown up was sent details on Monday). Can you have a piece of work nearby that you have been particularly proud of to show your class friends and teachers. 

Don’t forget it’s Thursday, keep smiling and warm up your hands for 8pm – when we all cheer and clap the NHS for all they are doing at this difficult time. It is also Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday today so don’t forget after to sing Happy Birthday to him. Did you know he has raised £29.376,356 for the NHS! Wow isn’t an achievements!

Year 3 Team 

Guinness World Record Assembly – 10AM – Don’t miss out!

If you fancy trying to break a Guinness World Record then join in with

England’s Biggest Assesmbly. 

Today, Thursday 30th April at 10am.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will deliver a message of hope to school pupils across the country in the first assembly at Oak National Academy. The Archbishop’s address will be streamed through the Times Educational Supplement website  and will then remain available on the Oak National Academy website 

Do try and watch it live, and encourage your networks, families and children to watch it live, as you and they may be potentially part of a Guinness World Record!



Today, we are continuing our work on Fractions using the White Rose Maths Lessons. This will involve watching the video clip and completing the worksheet.  There is an answer sheet to check your work. 

Please complete Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 4 – Ordering Fractions – This lesson builds on your knowledge from yesterday’s work on comparing fractions.  Today you will use bar models to help you order fractions from smallest to largest.

You can find the video and resources for today’s lesson here 

Make sure you click on Summer Term week 1, Lesson 4 Watch the clip and follow the instructions.


Things to remember

  • Bar models must be the same size when comparing.
  • You can use a fraction wall to help when the numerator and denominator are different numbers.
  • Remember when the denominators the same, the greater the numerator, the greater the fraction e.g. 7/10 is greater than 3/10 because the numerator 7 is greater than 3.
  • When the denominators are the same, the smaller the numerator, the smaller the fraction e.g. 3/8 is less than 5/8 because the numerator 3 is less than 5.
  • When the numerators are the same, the smaller the denominator the greater the fraction e.g. 3/5 is greater than 3/8 because the denominator 5 is less than 8 meaning the whole hasn’t been split into so many pieces.
  • Question 7 is a challenge question. For Dexter’s method will need to make each of the numerators 4. Think what you need to x the numerator by to make 4 and then times the denominator by that too.  You can now order the fractions.  For Alex’s method you will need to make each of the denominators 105 so you will need to work out what you need to times the denominator by to make 105 and times the numerator by that too (you can ask an adult to work through this question with you)

Resources you will need: 
Please remember if you don’t have a printer you can copy into your maths book or onto paper. Try and complete as best as you can. 

Don’t forget Miss Goddard’s challenges: click here.

When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your work. 

English/ Bookclub 

Reread the story so far before you work through the PowerPoint. Think carefully about how the Varmint is feeling, use a dictionary or thesaurus to find some good vocabulary choices. 


Do you like playing battleships? Well today you will continue to use your knowledge of cardinal points as you make your own battleship game. 

Resources you will need: 

  • Two pieces of paper
  • A ruler or a book with a straight edge you can use as a ruler!
  • A pencil
  • 6 small objects from around your house – like a paperclip, a rubber, a pencil etc
  • A large book that can stand up between you and your partner
  • A partner – someone to play your game with!

Ongoing Activities

You may choose to complete these daily, weekly or a couple of times a week. 

Don’t forget you can hear the story of Kid Normal – here

You can find lots of learning resources that we have collated on the Educating Home Page.  Click here to be redirected.

Helpful Reminders

Don’t forget you can email us on We would love to hear from you if: 
1. You have a question
2. Need a password
3. Need some help
4. Send us your work
5. Or even just say hello!
Please get your grown up’s permission before you email us. We look forward to hearing from you. We will reply ASAP but it may not be the same day!

Presentation – Please remember to do your very best work. Handwriting and presentation are as important at home as they are in school. You can complete your work in a book. in your homework book (if you have it at home) or if you need lined or squared paper you can get it here.

Note for parents:
* Hopefully your children will enjoy working through these activities and can do them independently.
* We completely understand it may be difficult to complete all these tasks due to other family commitments or you are working from home, so please do not worry; complete what you can with your child.
* The work we have set should take about 2 hours maximum spread throughout the day.  
* Please note the ongoing activities are optional and could be completed once a week or more depending on time. 

Have a super evening!