Year 2 Presentation and Q&As from Key Messages Meeting

Click here to read the Powerpoint that was shared.

The questions below are questions that parents asked at the meeting.

Where will we find the spellings?

The spellings are put onto Google Classrooms (your child’s class) each Monday and are tested in school on Friday. They can now also be found on Spelling Shed. They are set as an assignment that is completed by playing fun interactive games that your child may enjoy. Spelling Shed login and password details can be found inside the homework books that were sent home on Monday.

Have the government said what will happen with Year 2 SATS?

As far as we know at the minute, SATS will go ahead as normal for Year 2. These are nothing to worry about and are completed alongside our teacher assessment for each child. We keep these very low key in Year 2 and the children take them in their stride. In many cases, they are really unaware that they’ve done them and just see them as a fun activity that we complete alongside all of our other work.

What do we use the homework book for?  Should it be sent in everyday?

The homework book is for home and does not need to return to school at all. It has the passwords that you need for Spelling Shed and ttRockstars/Numbots, so please keep it somewhere safe. The homework book can be used to keep completed homework tasks in and spelling sheets (if you print these). If you don’t have the ability to print any of the work that we set, it can also be used to write spellings or answers to questions directly into the book.  

Do we record reading anywhere?

Due to Covid measures, and the need to minimise the passage of paperwork in and out of school, we have decided for the moment not to have home reading logs. We do record your child’s reading in school and know that you read with your child at home. Please spend the extra few minutes, that you would have spent recording your child’s reading in the log, by continuing with your reading or discussing the story with your child.  Please feel free to ask us any questions that you have about reading (or anything else) via our email: