Year 3 and the Stone Age Boy

tYear 3 are really settling into the new routines and expectations of Year 3. 

In English we have been focussing on a story called ‘Stone Age Boy’. The story is all about a boy who ends up in the Stone Age with a girl called Om. We have included the copies of our class sentence stacking stories for you to read. Sentence stacking is where we take sentences from the children’s work in each lessons and produce a class story. Each child gives us a sentence to help build the story. We have been very impressed with the vocabulary choices the children have been making. We then wrote our own stories but with a twist. Instead of writing a story in the Stone Age, we brought the main character Om to our school to see what she would see and experience here. We had some super stories where the children included expanded noun phrases, onomatopoeia, fronted adverbials, similes and action verbs. We are working hard on reminding the children where they should be using capital letters consistently and what these look like in their work. 

The stone Age Boy by 3PG The stone Age Boy by 3SB The stone Age Boy by 3T

In art we started by learning more about Stonehenge before creating our own backgrounds, where we use powder paint to create a sunset. We then used black paper to create the stones. (3T and 3SB will be finishing their pictures next week)



TT Rockstars – It is fantastic that 61 children in year 3 have been on TT Rockstars this week. As we mentioned at our curriculum presentation all children are expected to know all their times tables by the end of Year 4. So it is key to be working on these now to embed this knowledge. By the end of year 2 children should know 1’s/ 2’s/ 5’s/ 10’s. By the end of Year 3 children should know 1’s/ 2’s/ 5’s/ 10’s/ 3’s/ 4’s/ 8’s. TT Rockstars is a great online platform which allows children to practise their tables independently. We would recommend that your child spends at least half an hour on TT Rockstars per week (but the longer the better!) 

Thank you to all the children who are accessing and submitting their homework on google classroom. Completing homework is important and we do hope that we will see all the children completing and submitting this soon. If you would like some support with how to access google classroom, upload work or any general questions please do email us at for support. 


Year 3 Team