Prayer Points No. 1

Thank you so much for praying for our school community. We really do appreciate it.

Give thanks for…

  • Safety – for general good health of children and staff during the covid period. We’ve only had 1 positive case amongst the children and staff.
  • The children’s positive attitude in coming to school and enjoyment at school. They seem to really enjoy school.
  • The hard work of the staff, as they give their best to help the children despite difficult circumstances.
  • Simba (school dog), who is bringing a smile and enjoyment to the children.

Pray for…

  • Continued good health and protection over the school community
  • Those who are struggling financially and emotionally because of covid.
  • Renewed energy for staff- it is quite exhausting teaching in the covid world. It can also feel isolating because of bubbles.
  • The finances of the school. Covid is affecting expenses (e.g. more soap, paper towels, staffing) and income (no lettings and less children attending breakfast club).
  • The Christmas activities coming up would bring joy to the community and the hope of the Christmas story would be known by everyone.