Year 3 – The Mystery of Metal

On Monday, when the children arrived to school there was rather a mess in the classrooms and they needed to become detectives. They questioned how things had been sorted, examined the enormous footprints left behind and wondered what had been left for them, wrapped up.


After making some wanted posters for a possible colossal giant, the children looked carefully at the wrapped objects left. On the front of this it said ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’. We discussed why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and the children came up with some super ideas. We then got to open the package and how excited we were! We found a copy of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes which we will read and explore in English and Bookclub this half term.


This half term our project is called ‘The Mystery of Metal’ and is a science led project. We have sent home a copy of the children’s knowledge organiser, please do share this with your child. Also included below is our topic web showing you what your children will be learning.

Knowledge organiser
The mystery of metal topic web

Sharing, reading and listening to high quality books is at the top of our agenda. With Christmas just around the corner we would like to recommend some books that may be of interest to the children. Many of these are a series of books:


We look forward to continuing our learning next week, 
Year 3 Team