Year 3 – Spring Update

What a busy half term we have just had. The children fully immersed themselves into our Geography unit, learning all about Southampton. Within D&T they created some super passports using their sewing skills to create a front cover. They impressed their teachers with super cross stitch, maybe you need something fixed? 😂. 

Today we started our new project, What’s Inside. The children watch a dance video this morning of some funny skeletons that they happened to know very well, their teachers made them laugh! We then started our Science unit where the children investigated making the tallest structure with just 10 pieces of paper and 1mtr of masking tape. Their structures had to hold the weight of a tennis ball. The children learnt a lot from this investigation about making the base solid. 

This morning we also completed our agents for change activity and delivered 45 plants to local neighbours doorsteps. Here is the poem we included with the plant: 

We have a special gift that we’d like
to give you from us all.
We are agents of change and
no act of kindness is too small.
It’s our little gift to you,
to leave this tiny flower.
It needs a little bit of sun and
maybe a rain shower.
We hope you like it and it grows
well every day.

Please accept it with our love
and we’ll be on our way.

Sent with a smile from Year 3
St Mark’s CofE School 

We were very excited to have received the following emails this afternoon: 

Dear Lovely Children of Year 3,
I live just around the corner from the school and happened to pop out this morning.  When I returned home I was greeted by this beautiful flower pot with an even more beautiful message.  It definitely did put a lovely big smile on my face and made my day ❤️
Thank you so much 😊 I feel very grateful to have received this lovely gift.  
Lots of love
Highwood Ridge xxxx

Dear Year 3
Thank you very much for the surprise delivery of the flower and expertly decorated flowerpot.
It certainly put a smile on my face and made my meeting far more interesting!
Thank you for brightening up a grey Monday, you are all doing the school proud and should be nominated as agents of change.
Many Thanks
Chair of Governors

What a wonderful gesture!
Good morning, 

I live in Lapin Lane, and I came home today to find a little flower left with an act of kindness message. Please could you pass on a big thank you to the children as it’s such a lovely thing to do and it certainly made me smile. 
Thank you
We are glad to be AGENTS OF CHANGE!