Year 3 – Tuesday 5th May 2020

Bonjour Year 3!

Hope you are all well, today you have English, Maths and French with Miss Stonehouse.  Don’t forget to keep up with TTRock Stars and reading daily. The Year 3 leader board on TTRock Stars is changing daily. Can you be at the top?


Passez une bonne journee (Have a nice day)


Year 3 Team 

Thought for the day 



Today, we are continuing our work on Fractions using the White Rose Maths Lessons. This will involve watching the video clip and completing the worksheet.  There is an answer sheet to check your work. 

Please complete Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 2 – subtracting Fractions –.  Today you will use bar models  and part whole models to help you subtract fractions.

You can find the video and resources for today’s lesson here  Make sure you click on Summer Term week 2, Lesson 2 Watch the clip and follow the instructions.

Things to remember

  • Use a bar model to help you subtract the fractions.
  • Remember the denominator tells you how many equal parts to split your bar model into.
  • When you are subtracting fractions with the same denominator keep the denominator in the answer the same too.
  • For question 3, you can simplify your fraction answers. You can divide the tenths by 2 and the twelfths by 4.  Remember to divide both the numerator and the denominator by that number.
  • For question 7 draw bar models on a piece of paper to make sure the equations are balanced (worth the same amount on each side)
  • For question 8, the denominators in the questions and answer are the same so you will just need to work out some subtraction calculations that give you an answer of 13 e.g. 15-2 = 13 so 15/92 – 2-92 = 13/92

Resources you will need:

Please remember if you don’t have a printer you can copy into your maths book or onto paper. Try and complete as best as you can. 

When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your work. 



Don’t forget Miss Goddard’s daily challenges can be found here

English/ Bookclub 

Today in English you will be hearing Miss Barnett read the rest of the story and then predicting what might happen next. Remember to use full sentences, like in the examples. 

Resources you will need:



Enjoy learning some more French with Miss Stonehouse. Can you teach your family some french. 





Have a super evening!