Year 3 – Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Year 3!

Happy Monday! 

Today you have Maths, English and Science. Enjoy your day, email us if you need any help or advice. 

Year 3 Team

Thought for the day 




Today, we are continuing our work on Fractions using the White Rose Maths Lessons. This will involve watching the video clip and completing the worksheet.  There is an answer sheet to check your work. 

Please complete Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 1 – Adding Fractions –.  Today you will use bar models to help you add fractions together.

You can find the video and resources for today’s lesson here  Make sure you click on Summer Term week 2, Lesson 1 Watch the clip and follow the instructions.



Things to remember

  • Use a bar model to help you add the fractions.
  • Remember the denominator tells you how many equal parts to split your bar model into.
  • When you are adding fractions with the same denominator keep the denominator in the answer the same too.

Resources you will need:

Please remember if you don’t have a printer you can copy into your maths book or onto paper. Try and complete as best as you can. 

When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your work. 



Don’t forget Miss Goddard’s daily challenges can be found here

English/ Bookclub 

In English today, you are going to imagine you are the Varmint and complete a diary entry. Don’t forget to write in first person so I, I’m, I’d etc. 

Resources you will need:


Today, we are going to think about the different things that plants need to grow and stay healthy.  Work through the Power Point and then watch the video clips listed below. Afterwards, you can choose which activity you would like to complete.



Resources you will need:

What does a plant need to live?


What are the requirements for plant growth?

Have a super evening!