Year 6 – Monday, 4th May, 2020

Good Morning Year 6!

Here’s your first day of learning for this brand new week. As always, let us know if you need any help on anything and what you most enjoy. Have a great day Year 6 – we are so proud of you.   


Mrs Silvester, Miss Pettitt and Mrs Chapman 


Let’s begin this week with Monday’s Success in 7: Success in Seven week 3

When you’re finished, remember to check your answers before marking – it is really important you continue to practise your estimation skills too!

Here are today’s answers Monday answers Success in Seven

Today, we would like you to use Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 1 – Simplify Fractions. Watch the video and try your best. This will be a revision of the skills we have already covered in school. 

Here is the website:

Here’s what today’s activity looks like:  



Today in English, we are going to imagine we are police officers. A terrible thing has happened! You have to file a report on the crime. Follow the PowerPoint to find out more. 

The example write for a crime report for the theft of a bicycle can be downloaded here: Crime Report Example


Sit back and enjoy another great lesson by Miss Stonehouse

Video Resources

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Bye for now!