Year 6 – Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

Good Morning Year 6!

Another lovely day, in which to learn, greets us. We really hope your learning week got off to a good start yesterday; if not, send us a message and we will do all we can to get you back on the tracks today. Remember you are all star learners and we are here to help you.    blank 

Mrs Silvester, Miss Pettitt and Mrs Chapman 


Let’s begin this week with Monday’s Success in 7: Success in Seven week 3

When you’re finished, remember to check your answers before marking – it is really important you continue to practise your estimation skills too!

Here are today’s answers Tuesday answers Success in Seven

Today, we would like you to use Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 2 – Compare and Order Fractions. Watch the video and try your best. This will be a revision of the skills we have already covered in school. 

Here is the website:

Here’s what today’s activity looks like: 



We continue with the writing of our crime report. You should have reached the mid-way point yesterday making sure you were adding technical vocabulary and some examples of reported speech. Remember, this should be paragraphed correctly according to the example. Once your task is finished, check and edit the crime report before handing it in to the sergeant. Your promotion depends on this officer!

blank                            Here is the example write: Crime Report Example


We have some fantastic coding work for you to try this afternoon! Mr Rowan, a coding expert who has been running Young Futurist Club, has created an exercise for you to attempt using the iRobot website. If you like Scratch, you will love this! Plus, the task links with some of the work you have been doing in Maths too.

Mr Rowan would love to see some of your work and is also happy to answer your questions when he is available. We will share the solutions with you during our next Computing lesson if you need them.

Email us your feedback and we will let Mr Rowan know how you found the lesson. Have fun!

Bye for now!