Year 6 – Friday, Easter Week 2

Good Morning Year 6!

45 Best Spring Bird Photos Ever - Birds and Blooms

Well Year 6, the Easter Holidays are nearly over. We know they have been a strange two weeks as you haven’t been able to get out and do what you normally would do during the holidays. However, we hope you have enjoyed the activities that we have posted and that you and your family have still managed to have a relaxing break together. 

Whatever you get up to today, whether it’s the activities on here or something else, take some time to really reflect and appreciate on how wonderful this time has been to spend with our families. 

Next week, we will begin our new topic…it’s a brilliant one! We will hook you into it on Monday. 

We’re also so excited to see you all on our Zoom video chat next Wednesday! Parents have been sent all the details of how to log in. 

Have a super day!

Mrs Silvester, Miss Pettitt and Mrs Chapman

Daily Fun Activities

Start your day with some exercise to get your endorphins working – these little chemicals in your body make you feel super happy! Maybe you’ll try Joe Wicks’ live stream on Youtube or perhaps see how many times you can walk up and down the stairs… although this one sounds easy, make sure you still stretch before and after – it’s hard work!

Some colouring-in fun

If you’re feeling a little bit slow today and fancy a bit of calm mindfulness colouring to ease you into the day, try this one out! 

Mindfulness Colouring

A Safari From Your Sofa!

Who fancies a virtual tour around Longleat?! This is one of Mrs Silv’s favourite places so she will definitely be watching this today whilst counting down the days until she can visit it again properly.

Create and Craft!

Brighten up your rooms with some paper-craft flowers. Why not make a whole bunch for someone you love, maybe as a thank you for helping you after the last few weeks?

Paper Flower Craft


This is a lovely activity encouraging you to think about what makes you you…and what makes you INCREDIBLE!

All About Me Art Activity

Spring-time English

Although we are about to head into the Summer term at school, we are very much in the midst of Spring and there are beautiful signs within nature all around us. Create an acrostic poem or complete the other puzzles related to Spring. 

Acrostic Poem

Spring Word Jumble

Spring Wordsearch


Grace has sent a lovely idea for all the girls to take part in her Easter Nail Decorating Competition! Let’s see all your photos afterwards. Here are her beautiful nails…




Answers to yesterday’s riddles…

  1. Your age!
  2. A piano!
  3. Your breath!
  4. Timmy!
  5. The letter ‘m’

Have a go at solving these riddles! You can email us your answers to   

  1. If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it? 
  2. What can you catch but not throw? 
  3. How many months have 28 days? 
  4. It follows you and copies your every move. But you can’t touch it or catch it. What is it? 
  5. What building has thousands of stories?

Well done Year 6!