Plumber SOS!

Thanks so much for your help in sharing on FB. We have good offers of support now, and fingers crossed we can get it sorted tomorrow.  Go St Mark’s community!

Thanks so much to Kyla’s dad in Year R who was able to solve the problem!

Does anyone know a plumber who could help us at 7:30am/8am tomorrow at school? We can be flexible on timings. We have an issue in the boys toilets. We know what the problem is, and it’s not a hugely complicated fix, but we would be so grateful to have an expert help out. We simply don’t have the money for the quotes given, esp with weekend charge. Job involves replacing a small section of 110mm pipe. An hours’ work? We desperately need it done this weekend to have the affected toilets open for Monday.  Please share on facebook etc. If you can help, email or respond on Facebook. Thank you in advance!