Year R – Your contributions to Tapestry

At St Mark’s we are keen to promote strong links between home and school and to also recognise children’s achievements in both settings.

We would really like Tapestry to be a collaborative effort between staff at school and parents and carers at home. It’s been lovely to read your comments to our observations sent home so far. Please continue to share your thoughts!

In addition it would be great to begin to see observations which you have made at home. You can upload your own observations and then your child can share their home learning with the whole class.

These observations can either be WOW moments, or just updates of home learning, which we also love to see! It is really useful to know if children are practising new skills, phonic sounds, Maths concepts or demonstrating their understanding of a topic or theme at home. 

A WOW moment would be something that you feel is a particular achievement or a ‘first’ e.g.

  • Riding their bike without stabilisers for the first time.

  • Completing some independent writing; hearing and recording sounds in the words.

  • Picking up a book and attempting to sound out a word for the first time.

  • Being brave and trying something new for the first time 

Instructions for how to write and send an observation can be found in these simple user guides:

Click here for Android guide  

Click here for iOS guide

We look forward to finding out what the children are achieving at home.

Year R Team