Partial Closure as from Tues 5th January – Important

newsDear all,

Thank you for bearing with us as we receive the news at the same time as you. To be brief:

  • ONLY key (critical) worker children and vulnerable children who have submitted our recent form can be in from tomorrow. All other children must stay at home.
  • Key worker children include those on this list.  Note that key worker children can stay at home though, and this is preferable if it is feasible. Reduced numbers = less mixing = safer for all. We would prefer for key worker children to be in full time (as opposed to a few days a week), but it is your decision.
  • Children classed as vulnerable are those with a confirmed EHCP, those with an active social worker, or post-looked after children. These children do not have to come in, but are entitled to.
  • We are having to be strict with these categories – thank you for your understanding here.

For those children who will be in school:

  • Please treat school like it was in December. This includes the staggered collection and arrival times and usual safety precautions (masks for adults etc). School uniform should still be worn, and PE kit on normal PE days. Dress up warm!
  • Breakfast club will still be on, as will those who booked SCL.
  • Lunches will be as normal. However, to ease things, it would be great if as many as possible brought in packed lunches. We will be providing lunches for those entitled to Free School Meals.

For those children who will be learning from home:

  • Work will be set online asap, on Google Classrooms (Year R will use Tapestry tomorrow, and Google Classroom soon!).
  • There will be a google meet for each class tomorrow at some point. Year R to use Zoom (they will be from 1pm, and links will follow tomorrow). Links will be posted in the stream on google Classroom. Timings are as follows: Year 1 – 9.30am; 2R – 10:45am; 2B – 11am; 2BT – 11:15am; Year 3 – 1.15pm; Year 4 – 1.30pm; Year 5 – 1.45pm; 6C – 11.45am; 6B – 12.00pm; 6S – 12.15pm
  • Tomorrow will not include live lessons, but we will be introducing this very shortly to support home learning. Bear with us as we turn this around quickly for you.
  • For those entitled to Free School Meals, we will be in touch about this. It may be vouchers or otherwise.
  • Please do email the office if you need a laptop at home or support with internet access (we have data sim cards available).
  • We will be in touch with further information, including gathering of resources etc.

Please direct any questions to

Best wishes to you all. We are in this together.

The St Mark’s Team