Lockdown 3.0, day 1 – 5th Jan – 4 key points

Dear all,

Home learning can be AHHHH!

  • Does it feel like March again? Learning at home can be really stressful. Multiple children, working from home, tech issues, screen fatigue, not sure of what the teaching is, not letting children down etc – it can all add to a very difficult situation. What’s the solution? Just do your best; keep things manageable; and if you don’t get everything done, it’s ok!
  • Do what you can, not what you can’t.
  • It’s hard to get the balance as family circumstances are very different, and we can’t cater exactly for everyone. We try our best, and also take on board suggestions.

Tech Issues?

What’s coming?

  • The turn around is tight, but we’re working on more teaching input and check-in sessions for home learning. A mix of live and video lessons and check-ins. We are also shuffling staffing capacity to help support home learning.
  • Year groups post the work on Google Classrooms. We aim to put it on the night before.
  • Please bear with us as we cater for both those in school and those at home. Our aim is to try to help those at home experience as much as possible what those at school are experiencing, but this has many logistical challenges.
  • Learning activities will still be on Google Classrooms, even if you can’t join in/watch the videos/lessons.
  • We simply can’t avoid clashes in the schedule of ‘live videos’ or Meets. Families with multiple children will unfortunately have to make choices about what is done if there are clashes, and when multiple devices/adult support is not available. We are trying to vary times to help with this.

SCL After School Club

  • Book online here
  • Sadly Hatch Warren After School Club isn’t able to run, and SCL do have some capacity.

Thank you for your support and for bearing with us!

Charles Applegate, Head Teacher