24th February 2023 Newsletter -Careers Fair Success, Year 1 Trip, Bikeability and more

This week’s top news & reminders

  • Massive thank you for our support of our Careers Fair – and for those who were able to run stalls. The children were amazing – so polite, interested and curious about the different jobs on show. The future is bright! See lots of photos below.


  • Year 6, we have been so impressed by you this week during Bikeability. From learning to ride for the first time, to becoming more confident on the road, you were all so well behaved and respectful – and had lots of fun!
  • Well done to Year 1 for your excellent behaviour on the trip to Milestones today. And thank you to our parent helpers!
  • blankWorld Book Day has moved – now Friday 3rd March
  • Please see our FOSM section for details of our Nearly New Uniform Sale on 4th March and the Easter Egg Hunt 25th March.
  • A reminder to book your parents evening slot here: Parents’ Evening Booking Site
    • Wednesday 15th March (3.40pm – 6.50pm)
    • Monday 20th March (3.40pm – 6.50pm)
  • Well done Puffins class – you were the class to have completed the most NatterHub Family Agreements. A gift voucher from Mr Applegate is coming your way to get a class gift!


Can I encourage you to take a look at this website which includes advice and games around careers? Following on from our careers fair, it would be great to take some time to chat through with your child about the world of work.


St Mark’s Career’s Fair

The children have really enjoyed the career’s fair over the last couple of days. A huge thank you to our inspiring guests for giving up your time to share your passion for your chosen career the children.

A heart-felt message of safety

Please find a heart-felt note below from one of our crossing patrol team, particularly relating to the double crossing on Woodbury Road.

My job is to keep children safe while crossing the road, so please could a friendly reminder be sent to parents as to what I sometimes notice?

I can only legally stop traffic on one side of the Woodbury Road crossing. Parents must supervise their children across the other side and give them clear instructions. Common things parents are saying (on my side) are ‘Quick, quick, run!’ for example (because they are late/rushing); they then have to shout ‘STOP!!’ before they run into the road the other side.

Also, with spring on the way (and Bikeability this week) more children are coming on bikes and scooters. Some children (particularly preschool siblings and KS1 children) are scootering straight through and out the other side despite being asked to push their scooters. I worry there will be a collision on the other side as not all cars stop. Regarding Bikeability, when these sessions are finished and all children bring their bikes home please could they be reminded at home time to walk across crossing with them.

This week in the afternoon, on two occasions, I have had groups of preschool aged children arriving at the crossing without parents. At one point 5 were playing at the bottom of the bank while parents queued (some out of sight) and at the same time I had 3 children with me on the other side. I do my best but can’t man both sides of the crossing at once and children can play/behave unpredictably.

To end on a positive note, a friend showed great kindness when a child had fallen off his bike because of carrying a great deal. He helped the boy up and asked if he was ok, picked up his stuff, then carried the guitar to the boy’s mum when she arrived. 

Thank you for your support, I hope I don’t come across as nagging! I just want to keep everyone safe and prevent any incidents.

Jane Vickers

School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs

  • Everyone


    • Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival (Year 2/KS2 Choir & Orchestra) – Sat 4th March
    • blankWorld Book Day – Friday 3rd March
    • Parents’ Evening: Wednesday 15th March (3.40pm – 6.50pm) and Monday 20th March (3.40pm – 6.50pm)
    • blank FOSM Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday 25th March
    • Non-uniform day – Thursday 30th March
    • INSET – Friday 31st March


    • Easter break – 3rd April – 14th April 

    Year Group Events

    Year 2:

    • Hillier Gardens – 23rd June

    Year 4:

    • New Barn residential trip: Wed 14th – Fri 16th June

  • Dance Competitions

    Riaz from 3T competed in her first ballroom and Latin competitions. For Latin she danced the Rumba and had one recall. For her ballroom she danced the waltz and had to dance a total of 4 rounds where she made the final. Resulting in her qualifying to compete in Blackpool in November!  Well done Riaz!


⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Hari, Parrots – Ella, Penguins – Grace

Year 1
1P – Sadie, 1M – Edward, 1CL – 

Year 2
2B – Amaira, 2G – Noah, 2BB – Gracie

Year 3
3C – Alexa, 3T – Sarah, 3SB – Malaika

Year 4
4W – Dexter, 4S – Lottie, 4PR – Finley

Year 5
5SP – Rhoda, 5DS – Harry, 5F – Lucas

Year 6

6P – Ronnie, 6B – Finley, 6C – Alastair

Star Reader Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Jack, Parrots – Ava, Penguins – 

Year 1
1P – Amy, 1M – Charlie, 1CL – 

Year 2
2B – Harry, 2G – Arabella, 2BB – Jessica

Year 3
3C – Alba, 3T –  Ruby, 3SB – Elise

Year 4
4W – Isabelle, 4S – Alfie, 4PR – Ava

Year 5
5SP – Ashdon, 5DS – Max, 5F – Eleanor

Year 6

6P – James-Dean, 6B – Rosie, 6C – Marissa

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3C – Amber, 3T – Jenson, 3SB – Karthik

Year 4
4W – Emily, 4S – Grace, 4PR – Lucas

Year 5
5SP – Florence, 5DS – Elizabeth, 5F – Leo

Year 6
6P – Oliver, 6B – Christina, 6C – Charlie

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3C

Year 4: 4W

Year 5: 5F

Year 6: 6B & 6P

NumBots best effort:

Year 1: Amy (1P), Blake (1CL), Finn (1P)

Year 2:  Olivia (2B), Joshua E (2G), Max M (2G)

Music of the Week!

Spring: Vivaldi

Vivaldi was an Italian baroque composer.  The Four Seasons Suite is one of his most recognisable pieces of work that give character to the 4 seasons of the year.

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