Year 3 – The Awe of Stonehenge

Welcome Back to Autumn 2!

The children are still talking with such enthusiasm about our trip to Stonehenge. It was truly amazing to see the stones up close, trying to imagine the strength and effort required to build such a special monument. We were able to go inside the Neolithic houses and discover how the Stone Age people might have lived with such simple tools and resources. One of our favourite parts was the museum, where the building of Stonehenge was brought to life through projections on the walls. It was here that we were able to put ourselves in the shoes of the Stone Age people, imagining us stood in the middle of the stones during the summer or winter solstice. We are so proud of how well the children represented our school. A number of the Stonehenge staff and members of the public commented on what a delight they were. Well done, Year 3!

Enjoy some of the photos of our wonderful day…

Our learning of Stonehenge really inspired our artwork. The children produced their final piece ‘Stonehenge at Sunset’ after practising many skills in art lessons last half term. How beautiful they are!

The Mystery of Metal

The children have been excited to discover what our new topic for this half term is – The Mystery of Metal, a science based unit. They used their computing skills to go on a QR hunt, discovering clues about different metals. Why not ask them some of these questions and see if they can remember the answers?
– Which metal does Mexico produce the largest amount of?
– Which is the weakest metal on Earth?
– Which metal is used to make famous statueslike the Statue of Liberty?

We look forward to investigating metals and magnets in our science lessons this half term. You will soon see our knowledge organiser and curriculum information leaflet on our website.

Some dates for your diary
‘The Christmas Journey’ Workshop at St Mark’s Church
On Monday 4th December, Year 3 will be walking to St Mark’s Church on Homesteads Road for a lovely workshop about the Christmas journey. An email will be sent shortly to inform you about this.

Christmas Carol Concerts
Monday 11th December at 2pm
Tuesday 12th December at 6:30pm
Wednesday 13th December at 10am

Ukelele Concert – Tuesday 12th December
Please arrive for the time below at the main reception area where you will be met and taken down to the small hall for your child’s class to perform…
3W – 9:50am
3D – 10:45am
3SG – 11:40am

A final plea from the Year 3 team please. As part of our DT this term, we are making pneumatic design systems and require cardboard boxes which have a lid attached. Teabag boxes are perfect for this. If you are able to send any empty teabag boxes in, we would appreciate it very much! 
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do send us an email on

Year 3 Team