Year 3 – What a Creative Spring Term

It’s been so lovely looking back at all the fun and creative learning Year 3 have had over the Spring term. Our projects ‘From Bean to Bar’ and ‘What’s Inside’ led to some enriching experiences and we would love to share a few highlights with you.


As part of our first project hook, the children got to taste test different types of chocolate – white, milk, dark and cacao beans. With each one, they needed to think about the bitterness or creaminess of the taste and how much they enjoyed it. We think it’s pretty clear from these photos which one wasn’t very enjoyable!!

Mid-way through our chocolate-themed project, the office staffed arrived with an important-looking letter address to the children of Year 3. Upon opening it, a Wonka bar was discovered alongside a golden ticket – to see ‘Wonka’ at Odeon cinema! The children were so excited and the cinema trip trip was such a success, and really helped to inspire their writing over the weeks which followed.

The children had their first experience of St Mark’s new Forest School. Exploring nature and learning new skills were at the heart of their visits. The children relished in the freedom and many commented on how much they enjoyed it.

In Design Technology this term, the children were set a brief from the Four Seasons restaurant to design and make a seasonal British fruit tart. The children began by tasting fruit – many tried plums and cherries for the first time! In groups, the children then chose a season to focus on, and then designed their tart before making it the following week. We hope they (and you!) enjoyed eating these at home.

The children made us very proud once again with Tuesday’s violin concert – how amazing were their performances! The violin is a difficult instrument to play, but the children have shown resilience this term and put on a real showcase for parents. Next term, they will be showcasing their African drumming skills!


We wish you all a very happy Easter. See you in Summer 1!


Year 3 Team