15 March 2024 – Newsletter – Parents Survey, Sports Event, Trophies and more

A note from Mr Applegate

Well done to our KS1 and KS2 choirs and KS2 Orchestra for their performances last weekend at QMC. They made us all so proud, and even won trophies!

Thanks also for your support for Red Nose Day and the School Council sports event. They had a lot of fun!

Next week, we look forward to our Prayer Space – an opportunity children enjoy to reflect and think about our world.

Finally, you may want to give the council your views on Future Services, including school crossing patrols. Click here for more info.

Have a great weekend, Mr Applegate

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Down Syndrome Day – 21st March

Wear colourful socks alongside normal school uniform

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We are proud to say that Spencer in 1BB achieved his brown stripe belt at MMA after more than three years of work. This is the highest belt of the Springs group and he will continue to move up the belt when he moves to junior class.

Harvey in 3SG achieved 4th place in under 9 boys junior cross country league whilst competing for Basingstoke (3rd place in the final race). 

Agents of Change – Class and Year Group Activities!

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Parrots & 3W

⭐ Attendance Updates ⭐

Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 96.1%. Oh no :(

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Music of the Week

The Glen road to Carrick – traditional Irish song

This is a traditional Irish folk song. As you watch the video, see if you can spot the 

accordion and the Uilleann pipes (traditional Irish bagpipes)

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