HeartSmart for the family

The last few weeks have been strange and quite unsettling for our children.  At school we use HeartSmart as one of the tools to help children explore feelings and find ways of coping in different situations.

For just under the last 2 weeks Boris the Robot and Dave have recorded a daily message to try to share some ideas and ways to cope in these unsettling times.  They are taking a break over Easter but you can find Friday’s film by visiting https://www.heartsmart.family/

Here is a video clip from the past week which discusses ideas of things that could help children feel more settled –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSqL6gnKgJI&t=

If you want to catch up with past daily videos you can find them on this you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCtplPW0JUOfN-J6-rnK4wA?sub_confirmation=1

As some children will be more aware of the challenges that are going on around us, it may be beneficial to watch the clips first to ensure you are happy with the issues being discussed in some of the clips.

Newsletter – 6th April 2020

Message from Mr Applegate


  1. Easter home learning activities are not compulsory – they are just fun suggestions!
  2. Thank you for your generosity in the FOSM fundraiser.
  3. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt on our website.
  4. Happy Easter everyone :)

Go Fund Me – FOSM Top Up Fundraiser

As we can’t run any FOSM events at school, the FOSM team are running a GoFundMe donation page. If you are able to donate, then please click on the image below. Thank you :)

If we get to £1500, Mr Applegate will shave his hair, using No1 clippers!

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Our website is hiding 12 eggs! They all look like this!

If you can find them, click on them and fill out the form (hint – they may behind a ‘tab’). You get 1 RP for each egg found, and if you’re the first one to find the egg, there will be a nice chocolate prize for you when we return to school.

Happy virtual hunting!

Good jokes, bad jokes!

Why did the book join the police? Because he wanted to go undercover!

How do celebrities stay cool in this hot weather? They have many fans.

Why are spiders so smart? They can find everything on the web.

What’s an astronaut’s favourite part of a computer? The space bar.

Have a good joke? Email them in and we may use them in our next newsletter!

National Geographic Magazine

You might like free access to this resource!


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Easter Work, Workload and Emails


1. Easter work much reduced, and not compulsory. Suggestions, not actions!

2. Normal home learning- do your best, don’t worry about completing it all. Reducing stress and improving wellbeing much more important.

3. Daily ‘home learning’ emails are ending. Check year group pages directly!

4. Happy Easter!

Easter Work

I want to reassure you that Easter ‘home learning’ will be significantly reduced over the two weeks. I feel that parents, children and staff need a rest. There is no expectation to do anything over the Easter period. However, staff have made some suggestions of what you might like to do, and these will be put online soon. For some families, these suggestions may be helpful and fun!

The mental health and well-being of everyone is much more important, and switching off for a season is vital – albeit difficult in the current situation.

Home Learning Workload

I am very conscious that families across the school have varying capacity to do the home learning work. Some may feel it’s too little, some too much, some just right. Many parents are working from home which adds to the difficulty. Some families have limited technology access. For others, knowing how to support with the learning is hard and sometimes adds to the stress.

Please remember – just do your best. If you don’t get all it done, don’t worry. It’s ok. Better to get less done, and do it well and without stress. Set yourself a manageable target. Not everything needs to be done everyday, and teachers are working on clarifying that in the posts.

We are providing work to support learning and give children a sense of routine, but not at the cost of over-burdening family life. We’re on your side!

I hope that helps clarify things.

Email Notifications

Finally, you’ll be seeing fewer email notifications from the school (e.g. promoting the daily learning tasks). Please do check up on the year group pages for any work set: YrR ….. Yr1 ….. Yr2 ….. Yr3 ….. Yr4 ….. Yr5 ….. Yr6Facebook will continue to show the updates, too.


I wish you and your family a restful Easter break. Take time to enjoy each other’s company, play some games together, tell some (good) jokes and remember how precious family really is.

Mr Applegate