Year 3 – Red, White and Blue day

What an exciting day we had in Year 3! It was lovely to see all the children dressed in red, white and blue clothes today. The children were extremely excited this morning when arriving in their classrooms to find a locked suitcase. We started the morning by predicting why we were dressed in these colours and what might be in the suitcase. We decided it was too small to have all of our clothes in to go on holiday! We then tried to have a guess at the codes for the padlocks but had no luck.

The children then completed a scavenger hunt to find different clues. The clues were maths problems to solve but had the children intrigued, as they talked about euros and pounds. Once they found the answers they had to unscramble the word ‘flag’ which lead to some more calculations before eventually finding the code to open the padlock ‘2652’. 







They then completed many activities that were found in the suitcase to learn about the facts on our knowledge organiser and about our new topic. The children had a super day and created some of their own flags only using red, white and blue. 

We hope they are as excited about our new topic as we are. The children have brought home their knowledge organisers and topic information for this half term. Please share this with your child and place it in a prominent place at home so that they learn all our facts.

Find our knowledge organiser here and our topic web Red, White and Blue topic web here. 

Year 3 team  

Amazing Musicians

Wow! I hope you join us in saying a huge well done to all the children and their amazing playing, reading music and exemplary behaviour as they performed their new skills with the brass instruments on Tuesday. We hope you enjoyed listening to the children as we are so proud of them all!

They have had a busy week with three spectacular carol concerts. A special thank you to Chloe, Emilia, Aaliyah, James, Kayla, Bethany, Eunice, Neve, Izzy and Zac who helped take us through the Christmas story with their super readings. 

For your information – On Wednesday 8th January we will be having a ‘Red, White and Blue day’. The children are welcome to wear anything that is red, white or blue. They will enjoy a day to introduce our new topic for the first half of the spring term.

We hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are back on Tuesday 7th January.

Merry Christmas
Year 3 Team


Brass Concert – Next Tuesday 17th December

Don’t forget our brass concert next week.

Tuesday 17th December 2019

3BE – 9.30am (Arrive by 9.25am)
3B – 10.30am (Arrive by 10.25am)
3SB – 11.30am (Arrive by 11.25am)

Please come to the office and then you will be brought to the small hall. This is only a short concert for each class to show their new skills learnt this term, so please arrive on time as we need to warm up the next class before they perform.

We look forward to seeing you next week

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Update

It’s been very busy in Year 3 over the last couple of weeks. The children have been enjoying reading the Iron Man and have started creating a newspaper linked to his eruption out of the ground. In D&T the children have tested, designed and are beginning to make a maze for the Iron Man to get around the scrap yard. This also links to our Science topic of magnetism and forces. We look forward to sharing our mazes with the Year 1 children once they are finished.

Spelling Shed 

In the back of the children’s reading logs, they will now have a password to access their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed. Spelling Shed will help children to practice spellings through a simple game. The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Higher levels allow a higher score to be achieved but children can practice as much as they like on lower levels before trying to gain high scores. The scores achieved give a league position and each class has its own league position within a school league and our world league.  We hope the children enjoy learning their spellings.


Reading challenge

We have introduced a reading challenge for the children in Year 3. Each Monday we will be checking the children’s reading logs to see how many times they are reading at home. We shared some facts of the importance of reading daily. The children will get raffle tickets depending on how many times they read each week. These raffle tickets will then be drawn out in our year group worship weekly, where 2 lucky winners will get a prize. The raffle tickets will then build up over the half term and we will draw a winner of a bigger prize just before Christmas. So please help your children to complete lots of reading at home! This week we celebrated all those children who read 7 times! Well done.  Our first two lucky winners were Cara and Iremide.


I hope you have been enjoying the children’s singing as they are learning the songs for our choir performances. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Year 3

Year 3 Update

What a super start to our new topic ‘The Mystery of Metal’ we have had! Last Monday Mr Blake had left the children a note asking why all of the metal things had been gathered and put into a huge pile and asked us to investigate. We then discussed, ‘is it ok to destroy something?’

On Tuesday the children were very excited to find a wrapped book from their teachers linking with our big question ‘Should we judge a book by the cover?’

We made predictions about the story and started to read the Iron Man chapter 1. The children were completely engrossed as they read. We have focused on the vocabulary within the book and the Iron Man’s feelings throughout the story.

We have many exciting activities planned in the coming weeks and we need your help. Please can you send in the following items (remember to name):

  • An empty drink can (coke/ lemonade can etc)
  • A shoe box
  • A cereal box

Please send in ASAP

Year 3

Our Amazing Museum

What a fantastic end to our project ‘Dig and Discover’ as so many of you supported our Museum last Thursday. The children enjoyed setting up and sharing all their learning with you. It was so lovely to have such positive feedback from parents/ carers and also to hear what the children enjoyed most about this project.

A few other notes:

  • After half term we begin our book study of Ted Hughes book ‘The Iron Man’. There is still a chance for the children to purchase their own copy of the book for just £3.30.
  • As you know the children have been having Brass lessons in Music this term – We would like you to come to a short concert to hear how much they have learnt on Tuesday 17th December at the times below:
    – 3BE – 9.30 – 9.50
    – 3B – 10.30 – 10.50
    – 3SB – 11.30 – 11.50
  • A request for 3BE – Have you got any old ‘adult’ sized shirts to donate to class for painting lessons this year? Thank you in advance.
  • Don’t forget to book your tickets for our Year 3&4 Carol Service – Thursday 12th December at 2pm/ Monday 16th December at 6.30pm/ Tuesday 17th December at 2pm.
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar books – these will be used in school and for homework every other week. Please only do the pages that the children have written in the front of this book as this links to the learning the children are completing in class.


    Thank you again for your on-going support. Have a lovely half term.
    Year 3 Team

Stonehenge Visit

Even the rain didn’t stop us learning! What a lot we learnt on Friday when we visited Stonehenge! The children were a credit to our school and behaved beautifully throughout the day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parent helpers that joined us on our trip. We can’t offer these opportunities without your help.

Year 3 Team

Stonehenge Trip

We are looking forward to our school trip to Stonehenge on Friday! We have been watching the weather forecast very carefully and it has constantly been changing. Sadly, it looks like it is going to be a rather wet day so children need to dress appropriately. There is very limited shelter so providing things below is extremely important. 

School jumpers and polo shirts
Trousers/ leggings
Trainers (That may get muddy!)
Waterproof warm coat with a hood

A back pack with lunch in this (bear in mind they will be carrying this all day)
Water bottle

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Topic Web and Knowledge Organiser

This week the children enjoyed learning about Igneous and Sedimentary rocks, they had the opportunity to make their own rocks using milk and white chocolate. Hopefully the children can tell you the difference between the two rocks and how they are formed. They could always use their knowledge organiser to remind themselves.

On Friday the children brought home our topic grid and knowledge organiser (also attached below) linked to their learning. The knowledge organiser has all the key learning and vocabulary we will be using with your children this half term. We hope that you will share these with your child to open up the opportunity to discuss their learning and also widen their experiences through some of the home learning opportunities we have suggested. The knowledge organiser will help us work towards answering our big question ‘Is all change needed?’.


Few other reminders:

  • Tuesday 24th September – Join us for our curriculum morning – 8.30am – 10am – We will share our curriculum, knowledge organisers and then focus on our Maths.
  • We are still outstanding school trip letters – A second letter was given last week
  • Volunteers for school trip – we are just checking all DBS forms and will let you know by Wednesday
  • PE kits need to be in on a Monday.


Year 3 Team

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