Trip to Kew Gardens

We hope you have had a lovely Easter break.  We are very excited for our trip to Kew Gardens on Monday 29th April and have been carefully planning our day.

  • Please arrive at school at 8.30am as we plan on leaving as soon as possible.
  • We aim to be back at school by 5pm.
  • The current weather forecast is for sunshine and showers so please ensure children have a waterproof coat and appropriate footwear- we will be doing lots of walking on the day.
  • Children will need a rucksack for their belongings, they will have to carry all of their belongings for the day so please keep as lightweight as possible.
  • Children will need to be in school uniform but may wear any comfortable walking shoes including trainers.
  • Your child will not need any spending money.
  • As well as lunch, we will stop for a morning and afternoon snack so please pack two additional snacks for your child.
  • If you know your child suffers from travel sickness, please give them any usual medication before school.


If you have any questions please do come and see your child’s class teacher.

Brass Concert

This week saw the culmination of year three’s musical skills in their lovely concert.  Well done to the children for all their hard work learning about musical notation, rhythm and timing. We are very much looking forward to continuing our musical journey with Mr Denman next term learning to play the drums.


Service in our community

We were given a challenge from Mr Applegate to provide a service somewhere in our community.  Year 3 decided to read with the children at Dandelions pre-school.  Children have had a great time and when asked what they liked best said, “The smiles on the childrens’ faces!”.


Rockstars Competition: Who has the fastest Rock Speed?

It’s been lovely to see so many more children using RockStars to practise their times tables. If the children play enough in ‘Garage’, ‘Studio’ and ‘Sound-check’, their speed is measured to show their progress.

Last week, we looked at who had the fastest rock speed in the school. Here are the speediest players in each year group:

Year 2

Kalel ‘Sean Hulsey’ = 17.65 seconds per question

Kayla ‘K.Scogin’ = 23.08 seconds per question

Year 3

Benjamin ‘Al Who’ = 5.22 seconds per question

Aiden ‘Five Blackpoolrock’ = 12.24 seconds per question

Samuel ‘Terry Sherwood’ = 12.5 seconds per question

Year 4

Ayush ‘Justin Reading’ = 1.29 seconds per question

Daniel ‘Vic.T.Hendrix’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Jonathan ‘Johnny Hatrix = 1.78 seconds per question

Year 5

Amalie ‘Roxy Coppola’ = 0.93 seconds per question

Amy ‘Fruity Floyd’ = 1.52 seconds per question

Leo ‘Benjamin Rockpaperscissors’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Year 6

Imogen ‘Libby Stitch’ = 0.96 seconds per question

Sophie ‘Emily Malkmus’ = 1.13 seconds per question

Nayra ‘Ann Manning’ = 1.16 seconds per question


Well done! Come and see Miss Goddard to collect your RockStars certificate this week.

Next time, the winners of each year group will be those children who are showing resilience in learning their times tables. This will be children who are practising a lot at home and not giving up, even when they are finding their times tables tricky. These children will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Our past competition winners are displayed outside Year 3 in our RockStars ‘Hall of Fame’ – come and take a look if you can.





The Museum of the Stone Age

Dear Parents, Carers, Family and Friends,

This is just a reminder that tomorrow morning, Thursday 1st November, our Year 3 students will be opening their Stone Age Museum to share with everyone their home-learning tasks.

It would be lovely if you are able to come along and see their exhibits. The museum will be in the main hall from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. Please don’t worry if you are unable to attend, there will be lots of adults to make sure every child has several visitors to talk to them about their work.

Thank you all so much for the support you have given the children to complete their home-learning task for this project.

The Year 3 Team

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