Final Day of Year 3 Fun

Dear All

Just a quick note about arrangements for Monday.

3C have been told they can come into school wearing their PE kit all day if they want.

3H and 3B should come into school wearing their school uniform.

We are really looking forward to our final day together.

Miss Hardy, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett

Summer Term Learning

This term is racing by and the children have shown such great enthusiasm for their learning about the Titanic through their History. The homework we have received has been of a superb standard and the children are truly proud of what they have been bringing in.

Our book study this term has ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’ by David Almond. Through this, the children have produced some excellent diary entries and are developing their skills of writing like a journalist. The children really engaged with this story of  faith, wings, love and dumplings.

It seems such a long time ago but Year 3 made us really proud of their sporting spirit during Sports’ Day this half term.

All of our PE lessons are outdoors this half term and many children are not bringing hats to school. Please could you remind your children to bring their hat and water bottle to school daily.

An urgent plea:

We are planning a Titanic piece of art and are in need of shoe boxes. We would be hugely grateful if you could send all your unwanted shoe boxes to school as soon as possible.

We would also really appreciate the following items:

  • clean bottle lids and tops
  • cereal packets
  • scraps of material and ribbons
  • old wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • clean yoghurt or snack pots

And finally…

We are all really looking forward to our trip to SeaCity on Monday, 9th July. We will be leaving school at 9:00am. Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch and a water bottle. We will let you know all about the children’s learning on our return.

Thank you once more for your continued support.

Miss Hardy, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett

Flower Power in Year 3

What a great start to the term we have had. The children have been really engaged in our learning about plants and have thoroughly enjoyed planting seeds, looking after plants and noticing how the trees around the school have blossomed.

In our English work, we have written explanations about plants and how they grow, while in Science, we have looked at the parts of a plant, and what they need to grow successfully. In class the children have dissected daffodils to help identify the different parts of the plant, particularly the flower. They have also investigated how water travels through the stem of a plant using food colouring.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about shapes, both 2D and 3D. The children really enjoyed making models of different 3D shapes using match sticks and modelling clay.

This week we have begun learning about the New Forest, this has influenced our English work where we have started to learn about legends. The children have been introduced to two historical figures from the New Forest, Brusher Mills, the snake -catcher and King Rufus, a barbaric king for whom the New Forest was his hunting ground. These two characters will inspire and form the basis of the children’s own New Forest legends.

Through our Geography, we have been looking at maps, and thinking about why the New Forest is special.

We hope that you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, and if you are looking for a place to visit, the New Forest has lovely walks, a super wildlife centre and Rufus Stone.

Many thanks for your continued support

Miss Hardy, Miss Barnett and Mrs Chapman

Year 3 Update

What a cracking term the Spring term was! We were so proud of the children and all of their hard work throughout the term and especially in the Easter Production. We hope you all had a wonderful and restful Easter holiday.

We have begun the summer term with a bang and are really pleased that the sun has finally come out to join us. This term we are learning about plants in Science and the New Forest in Geography. This will inform our learning through our Art and English too.

The children are already enthusiastic about plants, and this week we have planted seeds, looked at the way the plants in the school grounds are changing, and dissected daffodils to help identify different parts. They are also thinking about the different conditions that plants need to grow successfully. We certainly have some budding gardeners in our year group!

During the Spring term , Year 3 were hugely fortunate to be treated to some fantastic Music workshops arranged by Mrs Chapman, this term we still have an International Music Workshop to look forward to.  The children have listened to a huge variety of music through history, and have taken part in some fabulous dancing too.

As the weather becomes warmer, we would ask that you ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle, a hat and that you put sun cream on them in the morning. We love learning outside!

This term our PE days are Monday and Wednesday (3H and 3B) and Thursday (3C). Please ensure that you remind your child to bring their PE kit on a Monday if they take it home on a Friday.

We are planning to take the children on a school trip in July, we are still in the process of arranging this, but a letter will be sent home soon with all the information that you will need. Thank you again for your continued support, we are all looking forward to a fabulous summer term!


The Year 3 Team

Spring 2 with Year 3

What a brilliant start to the new half term! Thank you for all of the wonderful homework that has come in about the human body, the children have really enjoyed sharing their work.

We have begun the new term with a bang and have really got stuck into our new learning. In Maths we have been continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills and solving problems using these, it is lovely to see the children growing in confidence. This week, we have been learning about different measures, including length, weight and capacity. The children have enjoyed investigating the length of their different bones and the weight of different objects.

In our English lessons we have been learning about the Varmint. We have watched a clip of the film based on the book by Helen Ward, and the children have responded through using specific and quality descriptive language to describe a scene effectively. We have also looked at beginning our sentences in a variety of ways. The children have worked really hard and are looking forward to writing their stories.

On Tuesday The Dogs Trust visited Year 3, the children met ‘Samuel, the cocker spaniel’ and learned about how to behave if they encounter dogs. They learned the three rules of how to approach dogs if they wish to stroke them.
1: Ask the owner
2: Wait 3 seconds for the dog to approach
3: Ask where the dog likes to be stroked.

The children were also taught how to behave if they encounter a lively dog. They were taught to turn their back and do the X Factor – folding their arms and tucking their head down.

We are also really enjoying practising the songs for the Easter production: Hammers and Nails Resurrection Tales. Please continue to encourage your child to learn the words at home. Your child should have received a letter with the dates and times of the shows. If you have not already done so, we would appreciate if you would return the slip as soon as possible.

Due to the weather forecast of very heavy snow tomorrow, World Book Day has been postponed. Do not panic, those costumes will not go to waste, this has been rescheduled for Thursday 8th March. We look forward to seeing all of your costumes then!

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Year 3 Team

Samuel the cocker spaniel

Half way through the year with Year 3!

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to meet with you all at parents’ evenings over the last two weeks and discuss your child’s learning.

They all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their learning through the topic of ‘Paris and London’ this half term. Having worked so hard on their narrative skills, the children now have some published stories of a young fox in Paris. We are all so proud of their efforts and the care they have taken with their presentation.

As part of the Year 3 inter-class challenge, the Haka was performed by a group from each class in front of Mr Applegate. They showed great spirit and results from this and their netball skills challenge will be announced after half term.

Our focus of study will be on the human body, ‘Blood, Bones and Body Bits.’ A piece of homework has been set this week and is due back on the 27th February. We hope the children enjoy the freedom to choose their area of study and enhance their creativity skills.

If any child still wants to partake in the NSPCC Maths challenge, it’s not too late as the lady will be back in school on February 22nd to award badges to those who forgot to bring in their forms on the 7th. A huge thank you goes to all families who kindly sponsored their child.

We very much hope you have a safe, happy and healthy half term break; we look forward to seeing all our young learners once more on Monday, February 19th.

The Year 3 Team

Introducing Rockstars Times Tables to St Mark’s!

A Guide to RockStars

We are very excited to be introducing a new tool which will help children learn their times tables – Rockstars!

Why is learning Times Tables important?

As you know, learning multiplication and division facts are key fundamentals of mathematics and are used and applied to so many other areas of maths; knowing these facts will help children to make progress in their learning. The National Curriculum expectations are that children should know all these facts by the end of Year 4. We appreciate that this is a hard task for some children so Rockstars is yet another tool to help them achieve this.

What is Rockstars?

Rockstars is a website where children take on the role of a Rockstar – their Avatar. They give their Rockstar a name, decide what they are going to look like and of course, choose which instrument they are going to play.

How do the children practise their tables?

Once they log in, there are different ways in which they can practise their times tables. 

Your child’s teacher will have set up specific times tables for them to focus on which will be highlighted when they log in. When they play in the ‘Garage’ or ‘Arena’, they will be solely focusing on the tables set by their teacher. In the ‘Studio’, ‘Festival, and ‘Rock Slams’, they can practise all their times tables. They children can practise independently by trying to improve their speed and accuracy but if they fancy playing competitively, in the ‘Festival’, they compete against other children from around the world and in the ‘Arena’, they can play against other children in their Year Group. In the ‘RockSlam’ area, this is where children can choose another peer in their Year Group to challenge! Additionally, sometimes teachers may set ‘Rock Battles’ where children can compete against other year groups, for example there may be a battle between Year 3 and Year 4 as to who can earn the most points over a week’s period. 

What rewards do they get for playing?

Each time the children practise or compete, they gain credits which are used in leaderboards but they can also use these to buy new accessories for their avatar.

Every few week, teachers will be awarding certificates to children who have the most credits and also to those who make the most progress in learning their times tables. The more they practise of course, the more progress they will make!

How do they know if they are making progress?

There are a number of tools on this platform which allow children, parents and teachers to see how they are progressing. They can view and compare their initial baseline speed to how fast they are now and continue to strive to improve this.

Also, by using colours, it show which tables they are confident with in green and the tables which need more practise will be in red.

How do they log in?

Rockstars is available from Year 2 – Year 6. By the end of this week, all children will have been shown this website by their teachers and all children will have username logins in their Learning Logs. Additionally, we’ll send home a parent letter which explains in more detail how to log on.

Now and again, we will play in school but primarily, this is a resource to be used at home. Rockstars is available through WebBrowser but can also be accessed through the app on a mobile, ipad or tablet.


We are very excited about this fun learning tool and already the children are showing such enthusiasm to learn their Times Tables. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to see your child’s class teacher.

Many thanks,

The Maths Team



Welcome to the Spring Term!

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Christmas holidays seem like such a long time ago, but we do hope that you had a lovely time with your family and friends.

The children are now settled back into the pace of Year 3 learning and seem to be thoroughly enjoying our topic: London vs Paris. Thank you for your support with their Paris landmarks homework; many of these were superb.

On Thursday the children were introduced to a new website called Times Tables Rockstars. They all have their own login details and this should be a fun and exciting way to practise their times tables.

This week in Maths we have been learning about buying items and calculating the change. Many children no longer understand the process of spending money and receiving change. Therefore, it would be marvellous if you would take your child to the shops so that they can practise spending money and receiving change.

Our PE lessons this term are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be outdoors for our netball lessons and indoors for our dance lessons where we are learning the Haka. Children need full indoor and outdoor PE kits please.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

The Year 3 Team

Year 3 Christmas Post

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a wonderful term we have had teaching the Year 3 children! They are such a lovely group of children. We hope they are now all very settled into their Year 3 classes and are enjoying their learning. Thank you so much for all your support this term.

We hope you enjoyed the Carol Concerts; we were very proud of the children. A huge well done to them all and especially the choir members who performed in all six of the concerts.

At the Christmas parties, the children were a joy to be with and all looked so lovely in their outfits. It has been a fun and busy end to our term.

Thank you all so very much for the kind gifts and messages you sent in. They were all sincerely appreciated and made us feel so privileged to be the adults working alongside your children this year.

We want to wish you all a most peaceful, happy and healthy Christmas break and hope that 2018 is an excellent year for your family.

With warmest regards,

The Year 3 Team.

Christmas Carol Concert

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many thanks for helping the children learn the lyrics to the carols they will be performing over the coming days.

For those who wish to watch the performance tomorrow at 2pm (Thursday, 14th December) there are still plenty of tickets available.

On Monday, 18th December, children are requested to arrive at school at 6:30pm to be ready for the 7pm performance. They should be dressed in school uniform and make their way to their classroom. Choir members should meet in the Music and Drama room.

For parents who are not attending the performance, children will need to be collected from their classrooms’ corridor entrance at 7:45pm please.

The final carol concert will take place on Tuesday, 19th December at 2pm and there are also plenty of tickets available should you wish to come along.

We are very much hoping the children will all get to enjoy the evening performance. However, if it is not possible for your child/children to attend, would you please let their class teacher know?


With many thanks,

The Year 3 Team

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