Happy Half Term!

We have had such a busy half term and the children have loved learning about Ancient Egypt!  Our topic after half term is a geography based unit focusing on the United Kingdom.

Here is a reminder of the half term homework set last week and due on 4.11.19.

We would like you to collect some information about a place in the UK which is special to you and your family. It could be another town or city which you have lived in or visited on holiday or for the day. Perhaps where your Grandparents or another family member lives.

You can share your ideas in any form (poster, postcard, factfile) you like but please include:

  1. A map showing where the place is, so we can locate it on a large map at school.
  2. Name the county the place is in.
  3. Find out a city which is near by.

Please bring your homework to school on 4.11.19

We hope you have a restful half term break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 4th November.

The Year 4 Team

Curriculum Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come to the Year 4 curriculum morning.  It was great to have so many parents/carers joining in with our Year 4 maths learning.  If you were unable to attend, please do see the presentations on the main school web page.

Attached is a copy of the rounding game which we played.  Please do continue playing it together and come up with your own versions of the game if you want to.

Times Tables RockStars

RockStars proved to be hugely popular last year and helped the children to make considerable progress in learning their times tables facts.

As it is a new school year, we have reset the children’s RockStars accounts. Teachers will be handing out their logins this week.

RockStars is continuously improving with new features; this year, it has some new tools which help to assess where your child is currently with their times tables knowledge in order to tailor some of the questions to suit their needs and also give feedback to their teacher.

When your child first logs in, they will first need to choose a new ‘rockstar’ name. It would then be beneficial for them to play the ‘Gig’ as this gives an initial assessment and a baseline speed so that they and their teachers can see their progress over time.

If you have any questions, please pop in and speak to the class teacher.