Newsletter – Friday 18th June – Feel Good Friday and other news!



  1. Feel Good Fridays start on the 27th June, with ‘A Splash of Colour’.
  2. Whole School and Community Worship – Wednesday 24th June, 9am. Click here to join in!
  3. September classes & end of year reports – coming out 10th July.
  4. September classes – meet you new classes on Google Meet!
  5. Google Meets on the very last week – slight change.
  6. Don’t forget our casual Google Meet Drop-in sessions. See here for more info.


  1. To add a little spice to life and have an exciting end of the week, we’re introducing Feel Good Fridays. Starting 26th June, each Friday will have a theme. Activities will still appear on G/C, but they will be focused around the theme. We hope it helps have something different to look forward to. There will be a choice of activities which can be done independently, with siblings, or as a family. Children at school will also be joining in. Our first theme is called ‘A Splash of Colour’. More details below!
  2. We have an average of 300 views for our Whole School and Community Worships so far. What a great way to come together. Our next one, focusing on courage, is on Wednesday 24th June, 9am. Click here to join in!
  3. Thank you for completing your child’s friendship lists. It’s a massive task in deciding classes for September, so bear with us. Remember that we know your children well, and want the best for them. On 10th July, we’ll send out the end of year report and let you know of your child’s new class. It will be sent out electronically.
  4. On the 13th, 14th, or 15th July, your child will have the chance to take part in a Google Meet with their new teacher and class. It will be after school hours (between 3 and 5pm), and we’ll do our best to ensure siblings are at different times and day. We’ll be in touch about which day/time this will be.
  5. We finish school formally on Weds 22nd July. The Friday Google Meet for that week obviously can’t happen, so we will move it to Tuesday 21st July. Same times! Therefore, the Google Meets on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July will be a ‘final goodbye class Google Meet’. Don’t miss it!
  6. We are now running 2 additional drop-in sessions on Google Meet. These are to support with learning if you need a bit of help. Find the times and details here.

Feel Good Fridays – A Splash of Colour – 26th June


Our first theme – a splash of colour – helps us enjoy and celebrate all things colourful! Look out for the activities posted on Google Classroom. Don’t forget to send us any pictures of what you do!

Here is our list of activities for Feel Good Friday’s ‘Splash of Colour’:

  • Our collaborative art task- A self portrait and our hopes- Each child should draw, colour, paint or otherwise create a self-portrait. Each group will be assigned a colour to draw/paint/collage their self portrait in. These will be compiled and shared digitally for each class on Google Classroom and then printed and displayed as a rainbow wall in school for our September return. The year group colours for this activity are: Pink – Yr 5, Red – Yr R, Orange – Yr 6, Yellow – Yr 2, Green – Yr 3, Blue – Yr 1, Purple – Yr 4


The other tasks to pick from – so far! – are:

  • The Colour Monster – art task
  • I Am Poem/Art
  • Rainbow Skittles Experiment
  • Rainbow Art
  • Let’s Move- Colour Song
  • Colour by number maths
  • Rainbow Mindfulness
  • Well-being Rainbow

More details will be in the Google Classroom Post at the end of the week.

Year 6 – We’ve not forgotten you!

blankFor our Year 6 children, it is an especially tricky time. Normally at this point they would be thinking about the Year 6 play, transition to secondary school, the graduation and party, signing shirts and more. Whilst we can’t do all of these things now, we have a lot planned for you! Look out for an email from the Year 6 team coming out Monday with more details – and please complete the online form ASASP!! Look out – you’re going to love it! We’re also liaising with secondary schools about their transition plans, and will be in touch about those too.


School Dinner Menu from 22nd June



Getting a with-held number on your mobile?

If you find you are getting calls from a with-held number during the school day, it could be a teacher contacting you. When phoning from a personal mobile, they with-hold their number, but would like to talk. Thanks!


Email and Contact Details

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Remember, if you change your contact details, please let the office know here.



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Class lists and Wednesday Worship at 9am

Dear parents and carers,

We hope you are well. Just a couple important updates:

1. For parents/carers of children in Years R to 5: Please can you complete the class lists by this Friday (19th June). If you don’t, we will use our knowledge of the children’s friendships to make September’s classes. The link for the form is here.

2. Our Whole School and Community Worship has moved to 9am tomorrow, not 9:05am. The worship can be watched here.

Many thanks, Mr Applegate

Newsletter – Friday 11th June – Class lists, new drop-in sessions, and more


Message from Mr Applegate


  1. Years R-5 – Complete your child’s class friendship list here by Friday 19th June.
  2. New mid-week drop-in sessions available on Google Meet.
  3. Whole School Worship – 9:05am on Wednesday (note slightly earlier time). Click here to watch!
  4. No more spaces available, apart from key-worker children :(
  5. Laptops – thank you, and a few more available.


  1. For children in Years R-5: Although we don’t know what September will look like exactly, we do know that the children will need to be in classes. Every year around this time, we ask the children to give the names of three other children they would like to be with in the new school year. We try to guarantee at least one, and it usually works out to include two or three. It’s a tricky process to manage, and we do our best. For more information, please complete this form by Friday 19th June.
  2. To further support home learning, teachers are running drop-in sessions twice weekly, in addition to the weekly class google meet. See below for the timetable.
  3. Thank you for your support of our new weekly whole school and whole community worship, watched on Youtube. Mrs Ford and Mrs Alsey will be leading our next one on Wednesday 17th June at 9:05am. Our theme will be ‘hope’. Click here to watch!
  4. We are now completely full for in-school places, apart from a few reserved spaces for key workers. Many key workers are now finding out that they need to return to work soon. If you are a key worker and have not yet been in touch about needing a space, please do contact us. We’re sorry for not being able to take more Year 1 or Year 6 places. We would have loved to, and want to, however we just don’t have the capacity.
  5. We’ve had an amazing response for donated laptops, and still have a few available if needed. Please do contact the office if in need. A HUGE thank you to the parents who have donated laptops, as well as Hub Community Church for their donation.

Google Meet Drop-in sessions blank

Starting from 15th June, teachers will be running drop-in sessions on Google Meet. It’s a chance to ask question and get support on any of the home learning activities. The links will be posted in Google Classroom before the sessions. These are in addition to the weekly Class Meet already running. We apologise if they clash with sibling sessions, but unfortunately this was too difficult to avoid.

Note that for Year R children at home, we will provide information directly to you through Tapestry.


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Whole School Worship and Government Update

Whole School Worship – June 10th 9:15am

On Wednesday 10th June at 9:15am, we will be having a whole school and whole community worship. Please do join us but clicking on the link here.

Note that Youtube add a ‘countdown’ to the video that is out of our control, but it should start at 9:15am ish. All being well, we will aim to have this as a weekly slot together. If you miss the time slot, you can play it later after the video has finished it’s first run.


Government Update

You may have heard of a government announcement today about schools not reopening to all year groups this side of summer.

We are processing what this means for us, and hopefully further guidance will come out soon. Normally the announcements just give the headline news, but don’t give any detail! As schools, we have to wait until that detail is clear before making changes. We will be in touch, but wanted to acknowledge our awareness of the update.

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