Good luck Year 6!

Good luck to all our pupils taking the Year 6 SATs this week. For parents, there is a help video to watch here just to refresh you on what’s happening this week.

All we can say, and have said continually, is… do your best! And don’t forget the special Year 6 breakfast club- 8am, 50p, just show up.

Spring Inter-class Challenge 2018

Before Easter, each year group held an inter-class competition. See the winners below!

Year Description of Event Winning Class
Year R Egg and spoon competition – the children had to balance their egg on the spoon down the course and not drop it. The winners were the class who didn’t drop the egg. Parrots
Year 1 Inter-Class Country Dance Competition 1C
Year 2 Multi skills relay race including football dribble, bean bag carry and ball bounce. The children completed each race 3 times and the fastest time won. 2R
Year 3 Golden Mile ‘lap-off’ 3C
Year 4 Football-Passing Challenge 4T
Year 5 Football Match Challenge – the class with the most goals scored won! 5P
Year 6 Pok-a-Tok Challenge – Mayan ball game (can only hit the ball with elbows or knees through a hoop) 6P


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