Year 3 – Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Year 3

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. We do hope you managed a little fresh air out in the garden. We had lots of super work sent in yesterday and it was lovely to see your art work from Monday. Thank you for working so hard. Hopefully you have all received an email (by 9am this morning) from your class teacher – if you haven’t please ask your Mum or Dad to check their junk emails, you are looking for one from our address. 

Emilia 3SB shared this wonderful picture of her art that we wanted to share: 1RP Emilia! We remember Emilia designing this in class where she chose to have her human in the library as she loves to read!

Don’t forget 9am – PE with Joe on You Tube (Get permission). Mrs Brackenridge will be playing in gararge today at 11am – challenge her, her name is Nancy Rock!

Year 3 Team 

Helpful Reminders

Don’t forget you can email us on We would love to hear from you if: 
1. You have a question
2. Need a password
3. Need some help
4. Want to show us your work
5. Or even just say hello!
Please get your grown up’s permission before you email us. We look forward to hearing from you. We will reply ASAP but it may not be the same day!

Presentation – Please remember to do your very best work. Handwriting and presentation are as important at home as they are in school. You can complete your work in a book. in your homework book (if you have it at home) or if you need lined or squared paper you can get it here.

Note for parents:
* Hopefully your children will enjoy working through these activities and can do them independently.
* We completely understand it may be difficult to complete all these tasks due to other family commitments or you are working from home, so please do not worry; complete what you can with your child.
* The work we have set should take about 2 hours maximum spread throughout the day.  

Ongoing Daily Activities

Wow, 73 of you logged onto TTRock Stars yesterday and completed your garage games! Lucas 3BE, Marcus 3SB,  Matthew 3SB and Luke 3BE were our top 4 players. I think we can beat Year 4 on Friday if we carry on like this! 1RP for all those that played yesterday. 

English/ Bookclub

Work through the PowerPoint – your task today is to write a diary entry, recounting the events from the story. Remember you are writing this as if you are Max so should use ‘I’. ‘me’ ‘myself’ as you are writing.  Please think about your handwriting – Make it the best you can! 


Today we are moving onto understanding units of measurement. work through the PowerPoint. 

  1. Solve the revision problems on page 1 – check your answers using page 2 
  2. Work through the PowerPoint to help you understand m cm and mm
  3. Complete worksheet or copy into your homework or other book

Resources you will need: 


Calling all skeleton experts! 

You may already know how many bones make up an adult skeleton and some of the names of the different bones, but what are the main functions of our skeletons?

  • Look through the PowerPoint carefully.
  • Can you explain what you have found out to someone in your family?
  • Complete the paragraph explaining the different purposes of the skeleton. There is a word bank to help you.
  • You could either copy out the activity in your best handwriting or print out the sheet.

What you need for Science today. You can copy this out in your best handwriting. Extra RP points today for neat work. 

Video Resources

Use the password that was sent out to watch this video.

Ask an adult if you are not sure what the password is!

A thought to end your day – If nothing every changed, there’d be no butterflies! Have a fabulous evening.