21st September 2023 Newsletter – Parents’ Evenings, elections and more

Parents’ Evening

You will have received an email from school about booking a parent’s evening slot. Bookings have already opened, and close on Oct 9th at 12pm. All sessions are in person, at the school. No online sessions this time! Contact us if you have any questions.

  • 11th October (1/2) 3:40pm-6:50pm
  • 18th October (2/2) 3:40pm-6:50pm

School Elections Update

Election Fever gripped St Mark’s today as they experienced democracy in action. We’ll share the outcomes soon, but a huge well done to everyone for participating and putting yourself forward!


School Crossing Patrol – Update

Thank you to everyone who contacted our councillors with concerns. Cllr Stephen Reid has been in touch with me this week, and has also written this blog post. The summary? Watch this space!

Local Parking…

I’ve received complaints from local residents about dangerous driving and poor parking this week. Please can I urge everyone to do their very best to respect the laws and our neighbours. Thank you.


Your child’s logins should have been emailed to you, and be stuck in their green reading record. If you’ve not got them, just email us!

Slides from Key Information Sessions

Year R – Click here
Year 1 – Click here
Year 2 – Click here
Year 3 – Click here
Year 4 – Click here
Year 5 – Click here
Year 6 – Curriculum Slides     Windmill Hill Slides

Want to book a farm slot?

From last week…

FOSM AGM Minutes

… can be downloaded here.

Forest School

Year 6 have loved our first ever Forest School sessions this week!



⭐ Star Learners ⭐

We celebrate our Star Learners every week. We’ll post them here on Fridays.  


⭐ Star Readers ⭐


⭐ Quiestest Class ⭐

1M and 5E

⭐ Best Attendance ⭐

1M, 2CL, 3W, 5SP

⭐ Attendance Updates ⭐

Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 97.2%. Yes!

Weekly Attendance by Class


Categories Learning days lost
Acceptable sickness & unforeseen absences. 98% = 4 days
97% = 6 days
96% = 8 days
Attendance below 95% is of concern to the school & you will be contacted automatically.10 days unauthorised absences for holidays over the year mean you will only achieve 95% attendance. Sickness & medical appointments, although usually unavoidable & authorised, will add further to your child’s absence record. 95% = 10 days
94% = 12 days
93% = 14 days
92% = 16 days

Poor attendance

Attendance below 90% is a serious concern. Your child has now missed nearly 4 weeks’ education. You may be referred to the Early Help team at the local authority.

91% = 18 days
90% = 20 days
89% = 21 days
88% = 23 days
87% = 25 days
86% = 27 days
Very poor attendance 85% = 29 days
84% = 31 days
82% = 35 days
80% = 39 days

School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs

View the full calendar here. Alternatively, subscribe to our online calendar to keep up-to-date on your mobile.  Click on either Chrome/ Android or Apple depending on your phone/computer.


 In worship this week…


Music of the Week

‘Clock Symphony’ by Haydn

This symphony is popularly known as ‘The Clock’ because of the ‘ticking’ rhythm throughout the second movement. It was written by Franz Joseph Haydn in 1794 during the Classical era.

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